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Fallout 4 Review (In Progress)

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Fallout 4 Review (In Progress)

Well peeps the first part of my Fallout 4 impressions is ready so stay tuned for more installments as I spend more hours in this game. It is mainly spoiler free.

PART 1 (11/14/15):

This is based on the solid 24 hours of actual gameplay I have done so far and I’m going to bullet point things to make things easier to read.

  1. Not even kidding, the game looks amazing. Ignore all of the negatives you have read on the release date, as those comments are most likely 100% troll or based off of the early streams of people playing on the Xbox One and saying they are on the PC version running on ultra-settings, as it really looks amazing on ultra-settings and rarely drops below 60fps (capped at 60 as the game engine physics is linked to the capped fps, so unlock at your own peril/amusement).
  2. The interface is now so much better than Fallout 3 / New Vegas, so searching containers and picking up items is no longer the chore it once was.
  3. I love the dialogue options as it doesn’t seem like the game is pausing for you every time you talk to someone.
  4. The game really IS BIG, like really big from what I have seen so far.
  5. I am playing on Survivor difficulty and it really is no walk in the park , as my mates are all happily killing super mutants like they are mole rats the way you heal on survivor difficulty make sit next to impossible to heal whilst in combat so tactical play is essential. This doesn’t make the game too challenging but forces you to make tactical choices about how you are going to tackle the areas.
  6. I am fast falling in love with the settlement building and the crafting mechanisms both are in depth and have advantages and disadvantages, truly awesome weapons become heavier, same with upgraded armors so you can carry less, but some mods allow to increase this with the pocked or deep pocked mods on your armor. The crafting is what makes this game so special.
  7. Dogmeat, nuff said, you only have to get ambushed by feral ghouls (far more scary in this game) and see your trusty sidekick bite and drag them about giving you time to get into VATS and pick them off.
  8. I love VATS more than the last games as in previous games it felt like a pause button, now its running in slow motion so you never feel like the game is “closed” behind your Pip Boy.

More to follow soon, so stay tuned.


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