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Nintendo Today – 5/5/16

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Nintendo Today – 5/5/16

This week? Punch-Out, Fates, and a lot of Wii U stuff!

Nintendo Today: 5-5-16

That might sound a little click-baity, but it’s technically true. The 3DS is getting some Fire Emblem: Fates DLC, as well as the New 3DS getting the classic Super Punch-Out!! As for Wii U, we’re getting a total of 7 titles today, some of which might be interesting to get. Let’s check out the full list below.

Wii U

  • The Beggar’s Ride ($5.99)
  • Escape From Flare Industries ($3.99)
  • Midnight 2 ($1.99)
  • PixelMaker ($2.99)
  • SpaceRoads ($9.99)
  • Sudoku and Permudoku ($0.99)
  • Style Savvy (DS VC, $9.99)

Nintendo 3DS

  • Pocket Card Jockey ($6.99)
  • Super Punch-Out!! (New 3DS, SNES VC, $7.99)
  • Fire Emblem Fates DLC:
    • Map Pack 2 ($7.99)
    • Map: In Endless Dreams ($0.49)

Let us know which of the games/DLC above are you excited to get.

Source: Nintendo Life


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