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Nintendo Today – 7/21/16

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Nintendo Today – 7/21/16

Pokemon Ranger! Defend Your Crypt! Hot Rod Racer!

Nintendo has released their selection of titles arriving for the Wii U and their 3DS hardware. this includes a new piece of DS VC for the Wii U, and new 3DS content.

Wii U

  • Buddy & Me: Dream Edition ($4.99)
  • Defend Your Crypt ($2.99)
  • Hot Rod Racer ($2.54)
  • Humanitarian Helicopter (Free)
  • Pokemon Ranger ($9.99, DS VC)


  • Ninja Smasher! ($3.99)
  • Defend Your Crypt ($2.99)
  • Wind-up Knight 2 ($5.00, New 3DS Only)

Source: Nintendo Life


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