PlayStation Today – 8/23/16

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PlayStation Today – 8/23/16

Deus Ex, Madden, Worms, Inside, and The King of Fighters!

If you look forward to big-budget games, you may want to get pumped up if you own a PlayStation 4. A total of 12 different games will be coming to PS4, with big titles included into today’s mix, like the ones brought up above.


  • Absolute Drift: Zen Edition ($12.99)
  • Alone With You ($9.99)
  • Armikrog. ($9.99)
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ($59.99)
  • Inside ($19.99)
  • Madden NFL 17 ($59.99)
  • Metrico+ ($13.99, $6.99 for owners of Metrico on PS Vita)
  • Prominence Poker (Free)
  • The King of Fighters XIV ($59.99)
  • Valley ($19.99)
  • WORMS W.M.D ($29.99)


  • Madden NFL 17 ($59.99)

PS Vita

  • Alone With You ($9.99)

Let us know which of the games above are you planning to get!

Source: PlayStation Blog (U.S.)


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