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Jstar’s Chronicles #4 – 2017 Should Be Good

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Jstar’s Chronicles #4 – 2017 Should Be Good

Welcome back to the 4th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles! This week, we’ll be checking out what to get hyped up for in 2017 (considering we’re so close), as well as my take on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Please note that some things like images aren’t loading up properly and should be fixed by tomorrow.


Now that 2017 is literally on the horizon, we can finally start to see what is planned to release at the same time. A lot of big games are expected to be released next year, including some that’ll be quite heavy hitters to video gaming in general.

Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Wii U / Nintendo Switch


It’ll be 3 years since we first saw this game, and this is almost without-a-doubt releasing in 2017. Considered one of the most expensive games ever produced by Nintendo, featuring gourgeous detail, wonderfully complex combat systems, and an absolutely massive setting. While we hope to see this launch with the Switch, rumors are suggesting that it may release as late as June. No matter the date, we truly can’t wait to finally see this in a buyable form for millions to check out and play. It’s Nintendo, after all!

Sony’s Parappa the Rapper: Remastered

PlayStation 4

This game is interesting; it’s a direct remaster that was from the original PlayStation in the 90’s, now releasing 3 generations later. While the graphics got a slight I crease, the biggest part is that it’ll be in 4K on PS4 Pro (and 1080p on PS4 Slim). That means that graphics will look absolutely sharp and great to visually look at, and will surely be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
I’ve got the demo downloaded and ready to go, so I’ll found a way to let you guys know how it feels to play this game on PS4 Pro.

Nintendo Switch

Releasing: March 2017

This entire thing got me thinking; what could Nintendo possibly do to mess this upcoming console up? It’s an interesting idea; a home console that can natively play the same games on the go. Rumors and leaks on this machine have been flying non-stop: GameCube VC (Virtual Console), HD touchscreen, USB Type-C, a powerful processor, and an IR sensor in the Joy-Cons. If you don’t know what the Switch is, you’re definitely missing out, and I’ll link the original reveal trailer down below.

EA’s Mass Effect: Andromeda

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC

The next entry in the Mass Effect universe. It’ll be interesting where everything leads off of what happened at the end of Mass Effect 3. I purposely didn’t look at much of what this game entails, but people have definitely gotten hyped up over this game at the /r/masseffect Subreddit. I’ll keep everyone updated on this game the next time it gets brought up here.

Ubisoft’s For Honor

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC

I previously played the Technical Test and the Beta, and loved it. While I’m legally not allowed to speak about the former, the latter featured realistic graphics, a heavy hitting combat system, and potentially quite some replay value to be enjoyed for everyone. I won’t enjoyable Peer-to-Peer internet matchmaking, however.


I got what I consider one of my best Christmas gifts yet: a PlayStation 4 Pro. It barely got any hype, but supersampling and overall better visuals make this a worthwhile purchase, depending on the games you grab with this. If you’re interested in the newer and more popular games (Uncharted 4 for example), you’ll definitely see some improved visuals and a higher resolution. Other games will also get updates to utilize the PS4 Pro’s enahnced specifications, like bringing resolutions from 1080p or lower to close to 4K. People with only 1080p displays (like me) will of course also see improvements in some games, like ones with customizable settings like Rise of the Tomb Raider; this game has settings like High Framerate, Enhanced Visuals, and Higher Resolution. This is pretty presets that you’d fine closely on its PC version, but more simpler and finetuned to work with the PS4 Pro hardware.

One thing I don’t like about this is the Blu-ray player; while the XBOX One S features a native 4K Blu-ray player, the more-expensive PS4 Pro features the same Blu-ray player in the also-new PS4 Slim. That means that it’ll be stuck at 1080p maximum resolution, upscalable to 4K if the option is provided. It kind of sucks, and it would have made this a much higher consideration. Of course, I still got it because of its improved quality in numerous games and supersampling. It feels good to have a console that doesn’t hold back as much as the original PS4 and PS4 Slim.
Games that don’t take advantage of the PS4 Pro don’t use the extra power at all; they’ll act exactly how they did on an original PS4. If you have a 4K display, this may be a worthy contender or eventually getting soon but if you have a 1080p display and no PS4, I’d also suggest to check this out. If you have a 4K display and have no care about Sony, I’d consider for you to also check out the XBOX One S and what that console can do.
Games I’d recommend for PS4 Pro owners:

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Improved Resolution)
  • Ratchet and Clank (4K Supersampling)
  • FIFA 17 (Native 4K at 60 FPS)
  • Farming Simulator (4K, 1440p 60 FPS, or 1080p at Enhanced Quality)
  • Most Recent AAA Titles (Watch_Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, recent Call of Duty titles)

Here’s to a better and exciting 2017!


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