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North Star Chronicles #3: RiiConnect24, Winter Sales and Favorite 2016 Game

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North Star Chronicles #3: RiiConnect24, Winter Sales and Favorite 2016 Game

The latest Steam Sale is on, some information about RiiConnect24, and what I consider my favorite game of 2016.


It’s time for a new Steam Sale to occur, and as always, near the glorious giving holiday that is Christmas. This means that the sales are large, but last all throughout the entire sale. This means that you don’t have to worry about missing out on a sale that only occurs for a day or a few hours. Tons of sales are currently going on (most likely thousands), so if there’s a game in your wishlist that you’ve wanted to get for cheap, get to it!

Although, that’s not the only thing that’s going on for this sale… remember that Steam Awards campaign that occurred during the previous Steam Autumn Sale? Well, it’s time to vote on that through .

Each category will open up for the day, with the 2nd one up today with the “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” award. Other awards can voted on as the days go by, leading up to December 31st for the final award winners. Upon voting, you also get a glorious trading card for use.

Make sure to check out the entire event at the Valve Steam Homepage, as usual of course. If you want to check out our current Game Awards for RTGC, check out its official page here.


I recently discovered this interesting project that plans to bring some nostalgia for quite some people. If you owned a Wii in its prime, you should know what the Forecast and News “channels” were. They were applications that were loaded up to every standard Nintendo Wii model. They allowed easy navigation and access to the weather around the world, as well as reliable news in proper sections across many different sources.

On June 28th, 2013, WiiConnect24 was shut down, and eventually brought all multiplayer Wii online services along with it. Some methods were introduced to bring back the latter, but the former wasn’t really focused on… until RiiConnect24 came around.

RiiConnect24 introduced a new way for people to still access the glorious channels that allowed native weather and news access on your 2006 home console. It will involve some hacking (be it hacking, but still not 100% safe), but it really shouldn’t be that difficult for most people. RiiConnect24 doesn’t just focus on those 2 channels, however. It currently focuses on the following, considering they currently, for the most part, work (as of this article’s release):

  • Forecast Channel
  • News Channel
  • Wii Message Board (Make Friend-Code Sharing Great Again!)
  • DLC for Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • “Official” Announcements

There are also other things that might also be coming soon, including the easy-to-use “Everybody Votes” channel. This was where you were able to have your Mii vote on national and international questions, provided by Nintendo and people around the world. The people behind RiiConnect24 are currently “testing” it, so we hope something comes out of it. Of course, everything they’ve released already is fantastic, and we’re glad people are behind an effort to keep this revolutionary console alive.

I can confirm that the Forecast and News channels do indeed work again after enabling this, and while the Wii Message Board can also now connect, actual message sending isn’t fully working yet. If you want to start ahead and send some Friend Codes, you can do so either at the official RiiConnect24 Discord, our social network pages, or in the comments of this article (which should be below).

If you want to check out RiiConnect24, go to its home page here. To learn on how to connect (whether with Wii or Dolphin), check out the page for that here.


A lot of bad events occurred this year. Of course, we like to focus on the gaming events, which generally provided quite some good and shockingly amazing games. These were the games that I didn’t expect to be this good, like the one I’ve chosen below. I won’t say this is the best one, as I haven’t played every single game this year… but, with some rewards already releasing, I may have gotten lucky on what I’ve been going crazy about for the past few weeks (Thanks, Black Friday!). Truly, my favorite this year (non-sponsored) was…


The Open Beta and the recent free weekend truly made this eventual purchase a guarantee. The excitement, the characters, the enjoyable settings and fun all over the place, and the shocking value this game has. Not only that, but the game is still getting tons of support from the fans and the community alike. Having over 20 million players as of October is truly an accomplishment, and I’d like to thank Blizzard for the time and effort that was put into this truly-incredible game. I’m absolutely stunned that this game ended up being so good, and can’t wait to play this for a long time.

My runners up will be revealed next week, and I’ll explain why along with it.


For the people that celebrate Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Other-Great-Holidays, everyone at Real Time Gamers Club would like to simply wish you a Happy Holidays all-around! Here’s to a great 2017! Check back Sunday for another Weekly Dracus, where ol’ Santa Dracus brings us new information on what’s been happening in the gaming world.

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Thanks for reading, and have some Happy Holidays!


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