The Weekly Dracus #2: White House Streaming, Oblivion Nostalgia and Eye Candy

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The Weekly Dracus #2: White House Streaming, Oblivion Nostalgia and Eye Candy

Woah, man. What a week. And I do mean, what a week. I haven’t felt this excited to sum up a week’s best highlights since I dropped my mug while drinking coffee from it, one particularly stressful Thursday morning. And it didn’t even break. Just soaked my carpet in cheap filter coffee.

Anyway, there’s still some random interesting things going on that got my eye at the moment – and I’ll get to them right here. So please, dear reader, do read on. And don’t drop your mug.

Game streaming has infiltrated the White House

Alright, what do I make of this…

Apparently gaming will finally be honored to bask in the adulation of the symbol of America’s presidency… by hosting a LAN party in the White House itself.

Several “popular Twitch streamers” will assemble at the White House (not entirely sure if they’re going to be in the Oval Office, or just the janitor’s closet) to host the “White House Competitive Gaming Event”, the purpose of which would be to “raise awareness about the importance of health insurance”, before the December 15th deadline for U.S. citizens to select a health insurance plan. Well, when it comes to Obama, things are always Obamacare.

The stream will last 4 hours, starting at 4:00 PM ET on Monday, December 12th, and will prominently feature Rocket League matches with members of NRG eSports, and Street Fighter V brawls between fighter game legend Justin Wong champion Mike Ross, commentated by PogChamp.

Read the full article here:

GTA V Eye Candy

One game: Grand Theft Auto V. One of the world’s favorite money hoggers, GTA V impressed the entire gaming world upon its release on PC, set some sales/profit records, and made Rockstar Games filthy rich. (or even filthier so)

And of course, one of this game’s greatest aspects, is its moddability. From Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk to fire breathing dragons and a SUPERHOT mod (from that awesome bullet time FPS game), this game sure has a lot of potential to keep the fun going with mods (DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE THEM BEFORE YOU PLAY ONLINE THOUGH).

Aside from gameplay mods, however, GTA V is a host to many, many graphical overhaul mods, that aim to increase the level of the game’s already impressive photorealism.

The latest NaturalVision 2.0 mod is jaw dropping. Just… just check out the video. (it’s actual game footage)

Created by famous modder Razed, NaturalVision 2.0 took around 400 hours of fine-tuning, and essentially features ReShade, ENB, VisualSettings and TimeCycle files in combination with the VisualV mod.

If you’d like to grab the mod for yourselves, check out this download page. Be aware that this mod requires VisualV in order to function properly (you can download VisualV from here).

The end result is simply fantastic.

Skyrim Total Conversion Mod “Skyblivion” is Closing In

Now then… anyone up for a cup of tea with our dear Lady Nostalgia? Okay, I don’t know about you people, but you can sign me up!

The past few years, a passionate community of modders has been working on porting the games of Morrowind and Oblivion in the Skyrim engine, as total overhaul mods. (Morrowind + Skyrim game engine = Skywind, Oblivion + Skyrim game engine = Skyblivion)

Skyblivion has recently been making great progress, and the hype train has definitely left the station for 2017.

From the video’s description:
“To end this year on a high note I wanted to show you all how far the Skyblivion project has come during its development cycle, we still have allot of work ahead of us but the end is in sight and the ”to do” list grows shorter every month.

2017 is going to be a big year for us as we have started focusing our efforts on quests, scripting, 3D/re-modeling new assets, making an Oblivion inspired user interface and overall improving the aesthetics of a province that was already the most beautiful of any Elder Scrolls game.

We hope to see you all next year as Skyblivion continues to be developed and supported by the amazing Elder Scrolls community. For now this has been an incredible year for everyone involved and we wish you all happy holidays in advance.
There is one last surprise I have in store which arrive in your sub box at the end of the month but you will just have to wait and see that for yourselves.”

The renewal of Oblivion in the modern engine of Skyrim is definitely going to be a massive feat, and will definitely get a touchdown in the heart of every fan of the legendary The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game.

And after so many years of development, the realization of this dream is getting closer than ever.

Read here for more information, progress reports, and development status.

If you want to contribute to the development of the mod, contact the Skyblivion team on their Twitter or join their official website forums.


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