The Weekly Dracus #3: Game Deal Websites that may Save your Holidays

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The Weekly Dracus #3: Game Deal Websites that may Save your Holidays

HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, OMG! It’s that time of the year! People are embracing and spreading love and kisses to friends and the world, and every corner radiates with the putrid aroma of holiday season madness!
Except for us basement dwellers, who have already made our wallets spread their legs for the Holiday Sales to come.

But holiday sales are not just on Steam. Read on to find out where you can get game deals, possibly even better than Steam.

There are two kinds of deals websites: The ones that host the deals themselves, and the ones that index known deals from other websites, serving as a centralized search engine for finding game deals.


Kinguin is a website which allows users or game distributors to make offers for a specified game title.

It presents all available offers for a title in the said title’s Kinguin store page, from lowest price to highest, allowing a user to purchase it via many available payment methods, such as PayPal. The buyer is not involved directly in any way with the seller.

While Kinguin makes efforts to verify sellers and their offers, there is a slight chance that they may be fake or the CD keys stolen.

Users should check the “seller rating” (recommended at least 4.5 stars) and the “completed orders” (at least a few thousands of completed orders) for each seller to make sure they are legitimate.

In any case, Kinguin offers very reliable customer protection (refunds, etc), for a small fee.

Kinguin is a newer competitor to G2A, a website of the same functionality, which we shall outline below.

G2A (Referral Link)
A website of identical function to Kinguin, however older and more prominent/popular. It works in the exact same fashion as Kinguin, although it contains slightly more titles, and in certain cases, contains titles that are not available on Kinguin whatsoever.

It is again recommended to check the percentage rating of each seller (at least 95% success rate) and the amount of successful orders they have carried out (at least a few thousand successful orders).

A legitimate index of online key stores, for literally any title imaginable. All shops linked are legitimate (hence the small number of them) and you can rest assured that you will find some sweet deal any time of the year, especially on holidays.

If you sign up with a free account, you can also track specific games and receive notifications for price changes or new discounts via e-mail.
The absolute king of game deals. It contains deals from a multitude of websites (not individual users/community offers, but entire websites) that can prove very useful when hunting for a good deal.

Extra caution is recommended, as no measures are taken to ensure the legitimacy of the offers. Make sure each indexed shop has good overall user rating and positive reviews. Any shop below 4 stars, or in some cases, below 3 stars, is to be considered unreliable.

That would be all for this issue of The Weekly Dracus.

Have any personal suggestion for a deals website or community?

Let us know in the comments below!

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