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The Weekly Dracus #4: Merry Christmas, Hot Deals, Dracus’ Fave Game

Gamers Worldwide.

The Weekly Dracus #4: Merry Christmas, Hot Deals, Dracus’ Fave Game

HO HO HO to gamers all around the world! Tis a time of celebration today, of love and gifts! From everyone, to everyone!

And, naturally, from Steam as well.

So the Steam Store is being, like every year, a very generous Santa to every gamer, in all corners of the earth.

Sales are going wild, wallets are starving out, people are enjoying some random games they bought because of the big discount tag they had, without considering their content at all, as always. (just kidding, this is the fun of it!)

Anyways. So, today we will be covering three topics: Hottest games on sale, the Steam Awards and my favorite game of ALL TIME (well, of 2016, to keep it proper).


Well well, would you look at that! Good ol’ Gabe has done it again!

The 2016 Holiday Sales arrived last Thursday, December 22nd, worldwide, debuting with excellent day zero sales across a wide variety of titles, Triple-A and others.

It’s expected to get lost in the rain of discounts and the beautiful minus green tags slapped on games considered untouchable before. Some, however, specifically caught my attention.

Grand Theft Auto V 29.99$ (-50% discount)
The game that shook the world a bit in 2015, when it was released for PC. (two years after its initial release on consoles) It had initially brought severe controversy over its pricetag, which has finally begun to be butchered down to scrap.
An open world sandbox, full of possibilities and adventure, intense co-op action and online multiplayer. Definitely recommended at this price.

Arma 3 17.49$ (-50% discount)
The greatest military simulator of all time. Although arguably unoptimized (users have been reporting suspiciously low performance even on capable hardware), this is undoubtedly one of the most realistic military combat simulation games ever created. Expansion packs and a myriad of mods, all add to the game’s already extensive content. At half the price, it will not disappoint fans of the genre.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition 29.99$ (-40% discount)
An RPG game truly deserving of the “GOTY” title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will let you embark on epic adventures as Geralt of Rivia, the legendary “Witcher” with superhuman abilities. The game has been praised by critics and players alike, for its atmosphere, story, lore, gameplay, and all-around for its features as a Triple-A title. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has justifiably overthrown previous RPG games from their thrones of glory, and it further solidified itself in the hearts of its fans with its gripping story and character progression, as your choices have consequences.

Fallout 4 19.79$ (-67% discount)
Bethesda’s much anticipated sequel in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 4 yet again marks a milestone in the nuclear post-apocalyptic open world survival genre. Players start out in a world torn asunder by nuclear war, and they have to make do with their surroundings and adapt to win in the struggle for survival and dominance. Although met with bugs and glitches on release, the game still rose to become very popular among the fans of the franchise and the genre in general. With a 67% discount, Fallout 4 is definitely worth considering.


Written by Jstar269
In the previous “North Star Chronicles” back on Friday, we brought up how the latest Steam Sale for Winter 2016 brought along a new awards system for Steam. While you can go check out the full thing at the previous N.S.C., we’ll be saying a few new things that have begun over there.

For instance, a new award has gone up, now the 3rd award to be voted on. Today, it’s the “Just 5 More Minutes” award, featuring entries like “Rocket League” and “Fallout 4”! Keep in mind that each award goes up for only the day that it goes up, and that the final award winners will be announced on December 31st. It’ll be ending on January 2nd, 2017, so while all of the sales that are currently up will still up until that date, that still doesn’t mean you should simply push it to the last minute!



You did not see this coming, did you? Well, you probably did.

I am going to say that this is a very biased review. I made the choice of selecting my favorite game of 2016, in a fully emotionally charged point of view.

Why, you might ask? Well, the answer is, that this game simply captivated me. There was no more room for objectivity for me, when it came to this game.

Dark Souls 3 is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (the guy behind Demon Souls, the forerunner of the Dark Souls series), and is the third installment in the critically acclaimed “Dark Souls” series, notable for their punishing difficulty level and their cryptic, yet alluring, lore.

Dark Souls 3 combines majestic boss fights of arcade-like difficulty, with action-RPG gameplay in direct, fast-paced combat, in which every wrong step might lead to death. Death, unlike most games, is actually fully integrated to the lore. This makes dying every two slashes, not a mere mechanic. (no spoilers on this, the Dark Souls 3 story is very spoiler sensitive, you see…)

The player is welcomed to the game with an introductory cinematic, followed by the typical character creation screen of RPG games. Once you create your character, you are thrown right into the fray.

The level design in this game is exemplary, in that details are rendered with careful planning to properly populate the grim, dark fantasy world of Dark Souls. Oftentimes, one might find themselves gazing at the aging ruins in the distorted temporal domains of this fantasy world.

The soundtrack is terrific and blends beautifully with the level design, setting the most suitable atmosphere for this dark, brooding world. The quality of audio effects is also superb, making the swooshes of magic and clanking of swords very satisfying to hear.

The gameplay and combat are intense and, when mastered, very rewarding. Dark Souls 3 combines the best characteristics of the Dark Souls games, in combination with the fast-pasted gameplay of the “Bloodborne” game, to deliver palm-sweating, action-packed moments of monster slaughter and self-punishment. You’ll need to practice every boss fight, test out strategies, and complete multiple playthroughs to thoroughly master the battles of Dark Souls 3. Do not forget that you may also test your skill against other players in Player vs Player matches.

The story will be a very touch nut to crack, given you do not give in to the temptation of the accursed wikis and the spoiler-infested interwebs. You will find little direct story-telling in this game. Most of the story you’ll have to piece together by yourself, gathering pieces of lore from items, NPCs and the world itself. Despite the multiple endings, none of them is a happy one, and barely any of them are neutral at best. Dark Souls didn’t get its name for nothing.

This game has done right by me, in every way. I haven’t found so much enjoyment in a video game experience in a long time. Most games kept me jumping to other games while trying to finish them or to progress, because I simply needed a break from them. Not this game. I have died countless times to get to the level of completion/mastery which I have achieved, and I am very grateful for the effort I have devoted in this masterpiece.

I’m certain, with a little faith, so will you. As others have before you.

After all, it is but our duty to kindle her, who quivers at the Kiln, fading slowly, dying, unattended.

If you want a game to satisfy all your masochistic needs, this game is for you. Also, it’s a gem, so there’s that.


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