The Weekly Dracus #6: Some more game hype for 2017

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The Weekly Dracus #6: Some more game hype for 2017

Hey, peeps! How’re things going for ya? 2017 has had a “meh” to “not to bad” start, in my opinion. Lots of cold here, for example (very windy).
Well we’re not here to freeze to death. (this was the ice-breaker line… ahem)

Instead, we’re going to check out some more 2017 game madness. So come on, we got a train to catch – the hype train. Again.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

SO! In our last issue, we summed up the best releases of 2016 and we took a quick look at some of the most anticipated games of 2017.

Guess what, there’s more 2017 hype coming up!

Let’s get started…

Start Wars Battlefront 2

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront of 2015 was a great reboot to the general “Star Wars” video game genre.
Even though it was a new opportunity for Star Wars fans to enjoy their favorite universe in a game, the general audience didn’t take it as well as they did.
We shall raise our expectations for this year’s sequel to “Star Wars: Battlefront”, and it will hopefully present as great of a game as Titanfall 2 earlier last year.
Titanfall 2 is the critically acclaimed sequel to its non-as-impressive predecessor, Titanfall (of 2014).
Let’s hope Star Wars: Battlefront 2 reproduces this success formula.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 6 also disappointed us back in 2012. Its take on the horror survival theme that defined the “Resident Evil” franchise was rather mild and unflavored.
On the other hand, the 7th discrete installment in the series promises content that is more characteristic to the series original core and according to the trailer, the first person element to the gameplay will definitely take the horror level up a notch.
Add VR support to the recipe and you got yourself a killer cake recipe. And, uh, a great Resident Evil game too.

Destiny 2

We all loved the shooting mechanics in the original Destiny. The bugs and the loading times left us a bit disgruntled though.
For what is a great game with all these rough edges? Not such a great game, that is what it is.
Hopefully the sequel to Destiny in 2017 will alleviate these issues and deliver a more solid Destiny game. Just like we love it.
On other platforms too, hopefully. (PC nao pls)

Quake Champions

Finally, our beloved FPS “Quake” is back and is ready to kick butt! The game, developed by iD Software and to be published by Bethesda,
will feature a large roster of characters to select and play with, with their own unique skills and/or abilities.
Sounds like Overwatch, to be honest, but hopefully it won’t turn out a clone to Blizzard’s hero shooter.

The Walking Dead

By Overkill. Yeah, by the same guys who developed the “PAYDAY: The Heist” and “PAYDAY 2” games. I’ll be honest with you on this one.
It’s true that the zombie survival genre has had quite a bunch of successful games in the past few years, and one might even say it’s close to oversaturation. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.
The point is, that there has not been a satisfactory “The Walking Dead” themed game yet. Not one. (Telltale games are story tellers, we want proper gameplay, so they don’t count. Yes, I’m salty when it comes to Telltale)
With Overkill on the reins, and the TWD series director Robert Kirkman on the project, I am inclined to believe that we are in for a major pile of zombie giblets this year. And that’s a good thing for “The Walking Dead” fans.


And that was it for this issue of TWD. (“The Weekly Dracus” – don’t confuse it with the other TWD please. Heh, I always wanted to make this pun.)
More and more games are being announced or speculated of for 2017. I’m sure it’s going to be a great year, but for the moment, we can only hype for it. (more in the next issue)

Have a great Sunday, folks.



Disclaimer: The author or Real Time Gamers Club will not be held responsible for the legitimacy of game release dates and/or other speculative information about the games.
Sources for release dates and other data may be found online.

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