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Jstar’s Chronicles #5 – Switching up Hype

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Jstar’s Chronicles #5 – Switching up Hype

Welcome to the 5th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles! This week, we’ll be talking about my predictions on what the Nintendo Switch will provide at their big upcoming January event in Japan. We’ll also go over Nvidia’s recent conference at CES 2017.


We are now officially six days away from the January 12th event (as of now) that Nintendo has been hyping up as the official and first info-filled event for their upcoming Nintendo Switch. It’ll be the first time where the media and general people can actually try it out in its final form, as well as see some official games that’s on the way for it. A lot of rumors/speculation/leaks have been going out, and it’s rather extremely interesting to see all of them (especially one for a Super Mario and Rabbids RPG crossover). Of course, there are a few things that I’d like to personally see for the Nintendo Switch, backed up with whatever stuff has been coming out of the internet recently.

Please note that these are definitely not the only things I currently want to see for and/or coming to the Nintendo Switch; stuff like a USB Type-C port are also wanted, but have practically been all-but-confirmed with how much information is currently leading to them.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake

Of course. Such an absolute classic, beloved by many individual gamers across the world. This was one of the biggest reasons why the original PlayStation dominated the mid-late 1990s, as well as the entire 5th generation. It featured a great cast, wonderful visuals (at least for the PlayStation at the time), and just way too much nostalgia to hold in at large amounts of time. When I saw a true Final Fantasy VII Remake get officially announced at E3 2015, I knew that Sony won that E3… until it said “Coming first to PlayStation”.

It is almost without-a-doubt that this will also be arriving on Xbox One (still unconfirmed), but if the Nintendo Switch gets even close to the power of Microsoft’s latest console, then why should Cloud be missed out on it. Sure, Cloud hasn’t really been in an official Final Fantasy game for any Nintendo platform… BUT he was in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. There’s gotta be a reason behind that, and along with a minimal amount of support behind it through leaks, there could still be a chance for it. I doubt it would be anytime soon, but it’d be phenomenal either way.

  • VR Support

I understand why this wouldn’t be very practical; if it has the rumored 720p display, this would be pretty darn bad. Although, what if that isn’t the case, and instead runs through USB Type-C to get it’s needed power?

In the case of the PlayStation VR headset, it connects directly to a PlayStation 4, and outputs a new display into the VR’s display. There are also the kinds of VR that directly use your phone’s display, which is kind of cool, but also not 100% the best for some of them (display, battery, available power). With the Nintendo Switch, power shouldn’t be a problem, but battery and display certainly can be. VR would be quite pointless if you could clearly tell you’re not really there, judging by screen quality and the amount of viewable pixels. Although, what if something like the PlayStation VR headset arrives for the Switch?

It could either plug in through a USB Type-C port, or through something other thing… Maybe it could be wireless, but it’d have to a local connection and it’d be have to be quite a powerful connection. It’s expected for VR headsets in general to have a 1080p AMOLED display, as well as run at 90 Hertz for maximum smoothness (the way I see it). If the Nintendo Switch isn’t powerful enough to do that, it’d be difficult to reach that level of recommended VR goodness levels. They could achieve it with something lower-res, but it’d feel… Off.

There are other things in mind when it comes to this, but in reality… This could really be a big thing for Nintendo in general and for their future. I currently own a Wii U and a New 3DS, and I only want Nintendo to succeed.


On the night of January 4th, 2017 (9:30 PM ET), Nvidia went on stage for their short-term future of what they’re doing next. It was generally overhyped (not as much as AMD’s) on what they would be showing up this time around. For instance, with the launch so close, people expected new Nintendo Switch info (like maybe some specifications). People expected an official announcement of the GTX 1080Ti. People expected a new refresh of their mobile Tegra processors (to be on-line with the Switch). None of that happened, and they instead focused on Facebook Live, new Car tech, and a new streaming service.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to stream directly to Facebook Live through GeForce Experience (Nvdia’s GPU Client). It’s all right, but it’ll be kind of weird to see video game live streams on Facebook, of all places. Either way, the more supported services, the better.

A refresh of the Nvidia Shield micro-console was also shown off, but it really has pretty much all of the same specs (Tegra X1) as the original version from almost 2 years ago. It’s even the same price! Well, at least it has a new controller and remote… Right?

It does now have Google Assistant (first on a micro-console), along with support for the upcoming Nvidia Spot, which is pretty much Google Assistant on your wall. It’s… OK, but kind of pointless if you already have Google Home.

GeForce Now(?) Is also allowing people to stream their Steam, uPlay, Orign, and other 3rd-Party games on a high-end computer through the cloud… At an insane price (in my opinion). For $25, you get a whopping 20 hours of service on a GTX 1060, and you still need to buy the games manually. To really bring in the power, it’ll be 10 hours for $25 on a GTX 1080… If you’re the kind of person to usually make big purchases at a time (or want to play a large AAA title), this is all right, but it’d make more sense to save up that money and get a budget PC with decent specs… Or a real video game home console.

They also showed off 2 fresh minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda, along with interesting details about their future with cars (including their Audi 2020 partnership), but as someone interested in video games in general, I wasn’t really that dissatisfied. I mean, I was at first, but I had to rethink where this was at; a convention for the latest electronics in general, not specifically gaming. The 1080Ti was most likely held off to see what AMD would do… Moving on… The Nintendo Switch was likely not shown off at Nintendo’s request (most likely, we’ll see specs at their January 12th/13th event), and they most likely just held back some details for other private reasons. For hardware, CES is pretty big, but what they showed off was honestly not as bad as I first thought about. At least they had a conference, and not a lot of hype surrounding it (official hype).


It’s time to see what you guys think of this; a new question every week where you can comment below your answer to it. It’ll be opinionated (at least most of the time), and anyone can answer it. We’ll attempt to put the best answers in the next issue of Jstar’s Chronicles for the following week.

This week relates to my recent acquisition of a new PS4 Pro: What’s your personal favorite PS4 game? I already own a few, and I’m currently on the lookout for more, but I want to know what you guys think is at least one game that you absolutely have enjoyed in Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Next week… let us know what topic you want us to check out next! We’ve got some topics prepared, but we’re willing to also check out an appropriate topic that you may be thinking of.


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