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Jstar’s Chronicles #8 – Square-Enix’s Avengers Assemble

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Jstar’s Chronicles #8 – Square-Enix’s Avengers Assemble

Welcome to our 8th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, where we dive into more official “My Takes” to add up more official content!


I’ve played this so often that I’m personally shocked that I haven’t done this video game yet. I’ve been playing this almost every day ever since I bought it for Black Friday about 2 months ago, and for good reason; it’s such a ridiculously fun game that I’m personally shocked on how content-filled it really is, and how long-lasting and replay-filled it can be. The character diversity, the insane fast-paced action shooting gameplay from it, and the premium feel that it provides, all in a package that’s still being fully supported to this day. Considering that this game is from the same people that still support World of Warcraft makes this no surprise.

Considering that Overwatch now has over 25 million players on board makes their continued full support no surprise, as one of the things that’s keeping people in is their support from their fans; the it seems that they’ve been taking in what people have been saying about their game, and have been extremely active online through their social networking accounts. Their support for time-based events is also very evident, as they’re now supporting the Chinese New Year now. Their providing of skins, voices, and general loot boxes means that playing more often gets you more customizability. They’ve also supported the Summer Olympics, Halloween, and the Holiday season. It’d be no surprise to see even more support in future events in the near future.

There’s even a Competitive mode built into the game, so if you want to have even more gameplay out of this, and you feel like you’re up to the challenge, then come right on board. Be aware that the chat may scar you, considering that there IS a rank system for Competitive (as to be expected).

The visuals, gameplay, combat, and support from the developers makes Blizzard’s Overwatch truly a compelling buy, and it’ll only get better from here. You can check out the game by clicking here. You can also check out our YouTube channel at for gameplay featuring me and Overwatch! I’d be willing to upload more if people cared about it.


I recently checked out a new interesting teaser that was released by Square-Enix for an upcoming game… until I realized it was for an entire partnership all together, and it’s quite an interesting combo too. Marvel, the makers of the Avengers, teams up with Square-Enix. This ought to be good.

From the teaser’s YouTube description, we’ll be expecting details in 2018, which is a whole year from now (considering it’s January). That pretty much sucks, but that’s common for Square-Enix. Either way, expecting a new Avengers game that’s also close to the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War 2-part movie will also be interesting to see. I’d personally love to have a true open-world Avengers game, and Square-Enix is known to really hit-home with open world adventures. The official YouTube video link will be available below; let us know your take on this truly-hyped-up game coming soon.


Releasing on a Saturday night must be for a reason; I’ve had some personal stuff occur in my life recently, and I wasn’t able to really be around to write up any content for RTGC. With the minimal amount of support I get from here, I don’t really think this matters too much; I’d definitely be on-time much more often if more people cared about this, but whatever.

Like I said before, I always try to have some time put towards writing up content here, but I’m not always available to do this. If there was any incentive at all, I’d definitely care more, but I’m personally surprised on how I’ve kept up with this for literally negative-money. I’d like to thank every single person, alien, or just general thing that checks out the content we put our for RTGC weekly (includes my weekly ‘Real Time Gamers News’ and Dracus’ ‘The Weekly Dracus’). I barely ever get motivation, but I know I’m improving someone’s life out there. 🙂

JSTAR’S QUESTION: “Hype for 2017?”

With the year truly starting up now, and with games already being announced for this year (and beyond), we’d like to hear from you!

“What gaming-related piece of content are you already hyped up for that’s planning to release this year?”

This includes games that plan to release in the Holiday season, like Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. This also even include games that are really close (like EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda, releasing on March 21st), as they’re still releasing in the future of this editorial. We still want to know what you’re personally hyped up for, but for only games currently confirmed for this year (so not the Avengers project previously discussed above). If it isn’t… well, you can still post about it, but please specify that as well.

You’re not limited to one game, of course. We, however, would like it if you were specific in what you’re hyped up for, whether it’s a game’s DLC, a new platform (Nintendo Switch, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio), or just a general new game. Let us know by posting in this editorial’s comments, or privately message us. We’d love to put it in next week’s issue of Jstar’s Chronicles (unless you’d prefer not, or would like to stay anonymous, which is completely OK with us).

Let us know what you want us to check out next for next week’s Jstar’s Chronicles! As we get to issue 10, we want to keep improving the quality of these weekly editorials, and we want you to be more involved in them.


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