The Weekly Dracus #5: Recapping 2016, Anticipating 2017

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The Weekly Dracus #5: Recapping 2016, Anticipating 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Holy cow, what a year it has been.

A lot of stuff happened in 2016 for gaming. Perhaps not as much as in 2015, but still – it was quite a lot.

It’s time to recap 2016, and time for a gaze into the future…


2016 has had a lot of gaming activity. Although not as profound, perhaps, as the previous year, 2015, it was still shocking nevertheless.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s best gamin’ stuff.

Titanfall 2

Okay, admit it. Titanic (hah) futuristic mechs in amazing sci-fi battles… it was everyone’s daydream at some point in our lives. Some guys at Respawn Entertainment made this dream of ours reality with their “Titanfall” game back in 2014, and the sequel to that game hit the streets this (past) year.

The game’s development was pretty hyped, though its release was overshadowed (unfortunately) by other concurrent game releases.

The game itself, however, was more than impressive. In fact, one might call it “underrated”. The combat is extremely slick and smooth. It flows like a glistening river of honey. Literally no way better way to describe it unless you see it for yourself (or, better yet, play it).

It combines futuristic shootdown cameos where you obliterate bad guys in a series of perfectly executed assault tactics, with the “badassery” of overpowered sci-fi weaponry, and of course, Titan mechs.

The mechs have a entire personality of their own, in a way – their AI programming commands them to protect their pilot, and that adds a great story element, to be honest. Players develop a cooperative bond with their mech, in their quest to [REDACTED – SPOILER ALERT].

All in all, Tinanfall 2 was a bomb of a game in 2016, and it’s needless to say that it’s worth taking a look into.



One of the most iconic “pure” first person shooter games made its grand appearance in 2016, followed by a tsunami of nostalgia… and demon chunks.

Experience epic, gory ownage of demonic hordes in a 20-hour long campaign, accompanied of course by the Quake-like multiplayer gameplay that will satisfy your thirst for blood and “demonicide”.

DOOM is undoubtedly that game you want to be the main character of.

Battlefield 1


So DICE decided to surprise us with the Battlefield series this time, by bringing in the old age of the Great War into the game scene.

I mean, we’ve had plenty of WW2 FPS games, and quite a lot modern-themed ones. (and some HORRID “sci-fi” ones that involved unimpressive exo-suits and power-jumping and wall-running… *cringes*)

But WW1? The Great War of legend? I haven’t scene a decent FPS about that since Verdun.

Battlefield 1 combines amazing physics and combat mechanics with its reputable and established multiplayer platform to deliver a jaw-dropping, grueling WW1 battle experience.

Zeppelins, armored trains, horse-riding with swords, and the typical flamethrower and machinegun shootouts. Also, a tiny, tiny, tiny pistol that’s such a hilarious challenge to shoot enemies with.

Battlefield 1 really blows you away with its amazing graphics and thrilling multiplayer. A great release for this year.


Oh, hey Blizzard. Nice thing you got goin’ there.

Overwatch had, to put it simply, a very successful launch.

The cartoony, TF2-style FPS immediately amassed a dedicated playerbase and became one of the most played and most popular games of the year.

Everything from the graphics, to the optimization, to the gameplay, and the characters, immediately clicks with you from the first match.

Not only is the gameplay interesting, but each hero has their own backstory, and you can easily immerse yourself in the game’s (literally) colorful and exciting lore. That is, if you don’t get lost in multiplayer, having an absolute blast and the time of your life.

Overwatch is a game that has already left its mark in the gaming scene, and its only bound to remain popular for the years to come.


Nameless, accursed undead, unfit even to be cinder… And so it is, that ash seeketh embers.

The latest installment in the critically-acclaimed series invites players again to experience soulcrushing defeat and get lost in the vicious circle of death and rage.

A masterpiece in its own way, Dark Souls 3 promises and delivers grueling combat with powerful enemies in a dark, atmospheric world, full of cryptic lore and gripping gameplay.

On their quest to “git gud”, players battle a host of enemies and bosses, as well as embark on various quests to progress in the game’s gripping, yet mysterious story – equipped with majestic new “weapon arts” and a series of deadly weapons to help defeat their foes.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, DARK SOULS III is definitely a sadistic journey of pain you cannot miss.


So what are we to expect from 2017 other than happiness and prosperity? (happy new year btw)

What better way to start the new year by taking a look at the most hyped-for games of 2017? None. So let’s get to it.

For Honor


If you got a thing for melee combat action, then this brawler/dueling game will definitely appeal to you.

Be a Samurai, Knight or Viking and battle in superb medieval style 4v4 or 1v1 combat, where the outcome of every battle constitutes an act of honor – or pure brutality.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

We all know the deal with the Mass Effect series.

Talking, romance, shooting things, and quests in space. All of these elements return in the upcoming installment of the Mass Effect series, where your mission apparently is to find a new home for humanity. Interesting. And very noble.

We all sure are excited to see where the protagonist will get themselves tangled up in, and how hard, easy, or sleazy things will turn out for them. (probably epic too, but where’s the spice in that?)

Sniper Elite 4

Slow-mo x-ray bullet trajectory cameos entering Nazi bodies, pulverizing organs and crushing bones… ARE BACK! Or going to be, in the next Sniper Elite title (number 4 in line) set to release in 2017.

We are sure going to enjoy the tactical depth and the oh so satisfying killcams in this one. Revamped graphics and even more finetuned gameplay is on the list.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

People really like Zelda games, do they?

OH HEY! Yes, another fascinating ZELDA game is in the works, set to be released in 2017!

Link’s back at it, baby, and this time he will be venturing in an open world, full of monsters and EXCITING ADVENTURES! Unlike the holding-hands, cutscene infested pixelly byte-chunks the previous Zelda games were. Just kiddin’, just kiddin’.

Although this gameplay style is actually quite a serious change of course for the series. And that’s a good thing.

God of War

Kratos is back, bearing the trophy of absolutely pulverizing the Greek pantheon (humph) and now he’s got his sights on another one: The Norse. Get your Valkyries ready Odin, Kratos is coming to chop off that beard of yours. For good.

Expect same epic battles with mythological deities, however in a more serious theme apparently. (you gotta balance the cringe over epicness ratios to achieve optimal fun levels, y’know)


Remember “Prey” of 2006? It’s the same game, but entirely different. You’re trapped in a space station, overrun by shadowy alien creatures. You have to fight them to survive. Don’t lose your sanity though, stuff can be pretty dark in space. (can’t wait)


It’s all about dragons and their masters these days. This is exactly that kind of game. And that’s why the entire universe is hyped for it.

Giving off a vibrant “Devil May Cry” vibe, Scalebound puts you in the shoes of “Drew”, a guy that likes to hang out with his massive fire-breathing dragon companion. He can transform into a dragon/human hybrid with increased strength and defenses.

Your dragon will follow you as you decimate your opponents, incinerating/lacerating/obliterating them at your command. Definitely sounds like fun, and definitely the kind of game people should be getting hyped for.


With that, our past-year recap and early new-year roundup is concluded. And, oh boy, we have only barely just started.

It’s still early to speculate, of course, but 2017 sure sounds like a year of many surprises in gaming. A lot of games to look forward to, and possibly/hopefully even more to come.

Again, RTGC and Dracus (that’s me) would like to wish you all a happy new year, full of happiness and prosperity.


And that concludes this issue of The Weekly Dracus. See you in the next one!

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