The Weekly Dracus #7: Share screenshots and screencasts!

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The Weekly Dracus #7: Share screenshots and screencasts!

Simple, quick, and useful post this time: How to create and share screenshots and screen recordings!


There’s two tools we’ll be needing:

1. A free screenshot/file sharing service called “puush” | OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE


2. A free and open source application called “ShareX” | OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE or OFFICIAL STEAM STORE PAGE


Okay let’s check out some things we will need to do before we get this party started.

First of all, register for a free account on the official puush website. It is legitimate, free forever, with no strings attached. I use it personally, it is my favorite speed-sharing service, I guarantee it is absolutely safe.

Secondly, you’ll need to install ShareX. Installation is simple, safe and quick. Should be done in less than a minute.

Lastly, we’ll need to configure ShareX to upload screenshots and files to puush.

Open up the main ShareX window, and in the left panel, click on “Destinations”. Then, hover your cursor to the “Image Uploader” option. When it expands into a new context menu, select “File uploader”, then select “puush”.

Do the same thing for “File uploader” as well. (Destinations -> File Uploader -> puush)

Now there only remains to configure the video recording. Go to “Task Settings…” -> “Screen Recorder” -> “Screen recording options…” and set “Video codec” to “VP8 (webm)” and audio codec to “Vorbis”. Set the bitrate to 3000 and the quality to 3.
Also, in the “Screen Recorder” window, set “Screen recording FPS” to 30, to optimize recording performance for old computers, as well as achieve optimum file size.

There only remains to configure hotkeys now. Open the main ShareX window -> “Hotkey Settings…” and make your adjustments as you see fit.


That would be all! You are now ready to share screenshots and screen recordings with your friends and any other audience.

puush is free to use, and it keeps files for up to 30 days after the last time they were accessed on the server.

You can also use it to upload non-sensitive data/documents, such as an audio file or a zip file.

I hope this quick guide issue of TWD has been of use to you. (time has been limited for me as of late, thus I was forced to create a hasty and limited post…)

See you next Sunday!

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