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Jstar’s Chronicles #11 – Switch Launch Hype

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Jstar’s Chronicles #11 – Switch Launch Hype

In our 11th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, we dive into games we’re excited to see for Nintendo Switch, as well as a another video game “My Take”.


It’s almost time for the Nintendo Switch launch on March 3rd, which means that leaks and rumors are at their strongest. It’s suggested that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be leaked out before it officially releases, and that we may know the final specifications before launch as well. We DO already know the full launch list, and with that out of the way, I’m kind of glad we won’t have a drought this time around (even if that makes the launch a little lackluster, besides the obvious inclusion of Zelda).

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is what seems to be one of the biggest launch titles ever created. It seems to be absolutely filled with an open world experience that seems to keep getting love from everyone that has already tried the game out. As it’s also coming to Wii U, people that previously took a chance with Nintendo previously (myself included) will still be getting their “console Zelda”.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is also another game that’s on the way that I’m hyped for; it features the original Wii U game, PLUS all of the DLC, PLUS new characters, karts, and a redesigned battle mode. It may possibly be the best portable racing game created yet, and I really can’t wait for it.

Snipperclips looks quite adorable and charming enough to also be a consideration for checking out in the launch window. Featuring 2 adorable characters that can snip each other to complete objectives. It’s easy to do but hard to master, which is a pretty darn good thing. It looks cute and it looks easy to control, and is planned to launch in March, hopefully near the Switch launch.

Runner-ups for what I’m hyped for the Nintendo Switch includes 1-2-Switch (A little too simple but may be good for parties), Super Bomberman R (a little expensive for a game as simple as it is, but could still end up giving replayability and could become a hidden gem with age and a lowered price), and 3rd-Party ports in general (Just Dance and Skylanders may be good for kids and families, but that’s not really my main demographic for me).

Let us know what you’re also hyped for towards Nintendo Switch’s launch and launch window!


I suddenly (and quickly) got a sickness that required me to not really type or minimally look at screens; it wasn’t until Saturday evening that I was healthy enough to type this all out for you guys. I’ve improved, but I’ll have to be lucky to have the newsletter out tomorrow as well; I’ve generally been inactive for the past week, and will need assistance from other staff to get an understanding of what’s been happening for the past week.


Before I do a “My Take” on the bigger games, let’s focus on personal favorites instead. As I did last week with Splatoon, I’ll be doing the first PS Vita game I received with my PlayStation Vita: Persona 4 – Dancing All Night.

If you’ve heard of Hatsune Miku or Dance Dance Revolution, you should have an understanding of this game as well. It’s pretty much rhythm city, with a story mixed in. Without spoiling the game, I will say that it takes place mostly after the original game, and that the main crew returns for another adventure involving kidnappings and humor; The original game was full of excitement, overall content, and action-packed scenes. This game, however, was definitely geared towards being slightly laid back, considering it also goes from a M rating to T.

Yu and his high school gang return with better graphics and a whole lot of music, but the story that connects it all isn’t half-bad. I won’t spoil it, but if you like the Visual Novel games that seem to have taken over the PS Vita at this point, you’ll still love this game.

Do I recommend it? Yep; if you love Persona in general, you’ll have to check out this spinoff. It features a majority of the songs that released across Persona 4 and Q, along with extra DLC (some of which is free). The story ended up being pretty good, and I truly enjoyed looking at these updated models of some of my favorite characters. You’ll want to be “Dancing All Night” to this game indeed.

This was slightly rushed, but I’d be willing to make a full review of this if it was requested. Let me know if you’d like that.


Let us know what we should cover ahead of time for the next issue of Jstar’s Chronicles! Until then, thanks for reading!


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