Jstar’s Chronicles #16 – A Quick Rundown

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Jstar’s Chronicles #16 – A Quick Rundown

In this week’s issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, we speed through some things due to some upcoming migration, as well as some more news and some fresh videos.


Hey. I’ve got some interesting news to share.

Earlier this week, I’ve officially decided to make a new community that I personally own. Knowing the instability of this place and RTGC in general, I’ve created a means of jumping ship if it gets any worse. Of course, it’ll also have an interesting twist up its sleeve.

It’s called ‘Jay-Cast’, and is already available to join on Steam, Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitch. The other platforms will be on the way pretty soon.


Thank you for everything, and I’ll see you there! Jstar’s Chronicles and The Weekly Dracus will also migrate over, but only once the website goes up, which will be soon. RTGC’s website is planned to be kept up for as long as I can, but due to extreme inactivity, I don’t know just yet about its fate. We’ll also be moving over our weekly newsletter as well.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone that’s been checking out RTGC over the past several years. The community has overall been not the best, but it’s had a few good people. I hope that the people that have cared, appreciated, and supported my work (the Social Network pages, this website, most of the YouTube videos) will move along to whatever I do next. I assure you, Jay-Cast will be very well supported, and it’s already looking like it’ll have a pretty good future.

Thanks for reading.



I’ve really dug down on Zelda and Splatoon lately. There’s overall a LOT of new content to work with, and I think you’ll really like what’s being offered at the moment. I’ve now gotten pretty deep into Zelda, while the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire occurred. With my love of Splatoon on Nintendo’s Wii U home console, it was clear that this would not be missed out on, not on my watch.

As for Zelda videos, I may have gotten in a little too deep to share here willy-nilly. Instead, I’ll link you to my official ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ playlist! Check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjWBPGQzytAvibbC8f8S0ffidsqnRyayp


Even I don’t know what will happen next week! Maybe another ‘My Take’, maybe a larger focus on gaming news, or maybe even some new gameplay videos! Whatever the case, tune in to next week to not miss out! Until then, thanks for reading and watching.

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