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Jay-Cast News #1 – A Fresh Beginning

Gamers Worldwide.

Jay-Cast News #1 – A Fresh Beginning

In this issue, we talk about some of Jay-Cast’s short-term goals, and a great big HELLO! Our beginning to Jay-Cast officially starts here.


A new community built almost entirely by me. Expect a fresh new take on connecting gamers, game developers, and content creators alike. We’ve got a lot in store for you, but for now, enjoy our Open Beta for our website. It has most of the standard functionality, along with some migrated stuff from RTGC’s website (which has shut down). You can expect Jstar’s Chronicles and a new version of The Weekly Dracus returning, as well.

We want to strive away from RTGC, so while Real Time Gamers News has obviously discontinued, Jay-News will be the new newsletter for Jay-Cast. You can expect a similar goal from this; a weekly discussion about what Jay-Cast is doing, some new transparency to be more associated with gamers and staff, and even a recap of what Jay-Cast has done over the past week.

By the way, this is NOT an April Fools joke! Jay-Cast is the new community that will continue RTGC’s Website Legacy. This time, however, we hope to get at least a little more activity out and into the open.

As we’re pretty new (a little over a week old), we won’t have that much to talk about for our first issue. We will, however, go over what are plans are for the next week.


(Talk about being literal!) Let’s do a quick run-through of Jay-Cast’s plans for the next week;

  • Introduce more giveaways
    • Note: Our giveaways will always be on our Giveaways page on the website.
  • Add more moderators to our staff team
    • While it may look like we’re hiring a little too many people, this is simply to give everyone a chance to our new community. Once we check over who’s good and who… isn’t, we’ll start focusing and streamlining our team.
  • Get a better structure on releasing/publishing content
    • A lot of this content was prepared in advance for the release of Jay-Cast’s Open Beta website. In this case, this may look like a lot to take in simply because we put more work into this than usual (or maybe not). A lot of effort was put into preparing for this website launch, which makes sense. This may not even be a worry, and simply something to keep note of for next week.
  • Introduce a video release schedule
    • Whether it’ll be bi-daily or weekly, we’ll have to set up a means of releasing videos on time more often. No more videos released late at night or simply too early (even though time zones are different for everyone). We’ll be focusing where the majority of our audience is, but we’ll try to focus on a schedule that as many people as possible can see the video when it’s a good time.
    • We may also strive away from being purely gameplay videos… stay tuned for that.
  • Make a new maintenance schedule
    • Maintenance on my earlier websites happened pretty randomly, but this time, Jay-Cast will attempt to be refocused on having an already-announced time in advance for maintenance. We’ll also be upfront about what’s in the maintenance releases, and if possible, we’ll try to have them less often than you’d expect (mind the first week or so).
  • Strive for friendliness and being helpful
    • One of the more-hidden focuses of our staff is the focus of going for a happier route of controlling our community. We don’t want to put a heavy amount of rules, but we don’t want harassment or harsh trolling/spamming/cursing at Jay-Cast. For people who simply don’t care and want an area for that, we’ve got something coming up that’ll benefit everyone and keep our community focused but more available.

Please remember that if you ever have any suggestions about anything at or associated with Jay-Cast, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. As we’re pretty darn new, it makes sense to focus on what the people want first.


Yep; a new Zelda video for the first time in a while. This is also our first video to be released after our Jay-Cast migration!

Be warned though… the audio got corrupted and didn’t go through with the video. This is sadly not an April Fools joke, but neither is my promise of making a better video for next time!



Always get the latest giveaway information (along with a point code entry area) at .

As of April 1st, 2017:

Points Code: WELCOME

Next week, we’ll strive to give a few more details on what’s planned for Jay-Cast, along with potentially a surprise or two. Until then, thanks for reading and watching, and here’s to the future of Jay-Cast!


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