Jstar’s Chronicles #17 – Starting Out Fresh!

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Jstar’s Chronicles #17 – Starting Out Fresh!

In our 17th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles (First on Jay-Cast!), we focus on the news, last week’s Splatoon 2 Global Testfire, and… well, hello.


Last week, Nintendo did a “server stress test” of sorts for their upcoming multiplayer game, Splatoon 2, planned for release this summer on the Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 2 is one of my hyped up games that I’m glad is releasing soon for the Switch’s launch; I was much more hyped for Splatoon 2 than Zelda back in January.

I was not in a place to make a write-up for Splatoon 2 last week due to Jay-Cast migrations, but this simply gave me more time to look over what I’ve thought and what I liked and didn’t like about the Global Testfire. It’s hard for me to not be biased due to my love for Nintendo (at least I’m upfront about it), but I’ll try my best to be as focused as possible towards the entire experience I had with this “demo” of sorts.

The Gameplay

I’m quite experienced with the original Splatoon back on the Wii U, so I had something to work with for comparison. I really enjoyed playing Splatoon with its variety, colors, and balanced settings. As for Splatoon 2, even though I had a lot less to work with, I actually liked playing this more. No matter if it was docked or not, the colors were stronger, the setting felt more focused and more to work with at the same time, and everything simply felt more “fun”. That’s what I want out of Nintendo: No focus on graphics, but rather the gameplay. Speaking of…

The Graphics

Splatoon simply looked great for what the Wii U was capable of at the time. At 720p and at 60 FPS most of the time, it felt very smooth and very good-looking overall. As for Splatoon 2, it felt a little balanced but at the same time mixed.

When docked, the game runs at 720p and at 60 FPS, but with much less drops (if any). It looks great, but I may have had a little nostalgia when I saw my inkling up close once the match ended, as the hands seemed to look a little less graphically intensive than I remember. It might have been that I played with a closer display, but it still looked great, and the gameplay definitely made up for it.

When undocked, the graphics didn’t really change, but the resolution dynamically did. I’m completely fine with this, as it meant that 60 FPS remained stable and the gameplay remained just as fun. As it’s on a smaller screen, this didn’t really bother me anyway.

Overall Conclusion

This Global Testfire (hopefully not the last) was overall great and a fine first impression for me into the upcoming world of Splatoon 2. It wasn’t perfect, but with the minimal amount of connection issues (which was shocking for being a server stress test) and the overall good detail of the game, it was a great experience to have on my Switch, especially for free. I just kind of wish it lasted a little longer…

Check out some of my matches from last week’s Global Testfire below!


Yep; a new Zelda video for the first time in a while. This is also my first video to be released after our recent Jay-Cast migration!

Be warned though… the audio got corrupted and didn’t go through with the video. This is sadly not an April Fools joke, but neither is my promise of making a better video for next time!


You never know what will happen for the next issue; in this case, you will. I’ll be talking about the 2 exclusive Japanese Demos for the Nintendo Switch at the moment (Puyo Puyo Tetris and Dragon Quest Heroes I/II). Until then, thanks for reading and watching, and here’s to the future of Jay-Cast!

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