Jstar’s Chronicles #19 – In ARMS Reach

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Jstar’s Chronicles #19 – In ARMS Reach

In our 19th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, I talk about My Take on the latest Nintendo Direct (both typed and visually), as well as some fresh gaming news highlighted from the past week.


…if you can tell by the live stream I did about the latest Nintendo Direct, you can tell I was overall pretty happy and excited with that was being shown off. I knew that they would focus on ARMS and Splatoon 2, but I was overall amazed to see that a lot more was shown off. I’ll give a brief overview of what I was really happy about, what I’m now hyped up for on both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo (New) 3DS.

  • New Kirby games for 3DS were shown off, with one released on the spot, one to be released in the summer, and a new untitled Multiplayer Action game for the holiday season. Quite a blowout for Kirby’s 25th Anniversary for 3DS owners like me, only I wish something was shown off and/or announced for the Switch… Here’s to E3 for that, I guess.
  • Seeing Miitopia and Monster Hunter Stories shown off in English was great, and I can’t wait to get them, even if they’re still far off. I’m also excited for “Hey! Pikmin” as well, especially with that cool-looking amiibo also on the way.
  • ARMS being shown off to be deeper than expected was especially good to see being shown off. ARMS didn’t really show much to offer back in January, so I’m glad that they really dug deep with whatever they could. It’s a shame it’s releasing in June (16th), but I’m overall glad we got a release date anyway.
  • The new Neon Yellow Joy-Cons look amazing and I’m quite tempted buy them when they release soon. I’m not so sure about the AA Battery pack, so I’ve had no problem with the Joy-Con batteries as-is. The Standalone Switch Dock may also be tempting if it’s brought down to a lower price.
  • The biggest surprises for me personally was seeing Monopoly and PAYDAY 2 being announced to be on the way. I expected board games and simple ones to be arriving to Switch eventually, but I’m happy to see such a big one be arriving as early as this summer. PAYDAY 2 completely shocked me, considering how some people feel about the game’s console counterparts. I’ve enjoyed PAYDAY 2, but I’m especially amazed that such a big game will soon be arriving to a hybrid video game console.
  • Splatoon 2’s new mode “Salmon Run” immediately gave me a feeling of Team Fortress 2’s Mann Vs. Machine mode, or Overwatch’s recently released co-op mode. It’s really more like the Zombies mode in most Call of Duty games, but it still looks really fun, and quite fits with the theme and styles of Splatoon 2. I was also surprised to see that this game (along with its amiibo) will be releasing on July 21st, as I was fully expecting August after they announced ARMS’ release date. There was no information about more Global Testfires, but I really hope one comes around to get even more splatting done before the full game releases.

I say it was overall a good Nintendo Direct, and it simply got me more hyped up for whatever’s coming next to Nintendo Switch in the future, both short-term and long-term.


  • Nintendo Discontinues the NES Classic Edition (IGN)
    • I’ve been looking for a good time to acquire the NES Classic Edition for practically months. It seems that every time I have the means to get one, it would have only been by scalpers, or I was barely too late to get it officially. It’s a shame that it got discontinued before supply issues were resolved, and I hope that the response to how successful this was gets Nintendo to make a SNES Classic Edition and beyond.
  • Microsoft Launches Xbox Academy, Free Xbox and PC Game Development Classes (GameSpot)
    • “The Microsoft Store in Sydney, Australia will this week launch Xbox Academy, a series of free game development classes in collaboration with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), a multi-national and non-profit college focusing on game development, animation, and visual effects.”
    • It’s good that Microsoft is giving lessons to kids that may be interested in game development.
  • Project Scorpio to be revealed at E3 2017 + Other Stuff (Xbox Wire)
    • While it wasn’t the main focus, this has officially put to bed any rumors of Microsoft doing another big reveal like that did to the original Xbox One back in May, 2013.

Next week, you can always expect more gaming news discussed, as well as a surprise or two! Until then, thanks for reading!

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