Jay-Cast News #7 – Falling Out With Style

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Jay-Cast News #7 – Falling Out With Style

In this issue, we take a look at reaching 2,000 Steam Group members, as well as our recent onslaught of new YouTube videos and game server partnership.


Yep, we recently reached 2,000 whole Steam Group members. A great milestone to reach so quickly. This kind of growth can’t go unnoticed…


Yep, we’re giving away Fallout 4 to our Steam Group members. It’s not the first time, and definitely won’t be our last. It’s as a thanks for getting us to 2,000 members, which is just honestly awesome to hear; while future milestones by the thousands might not be that great like this one, milestones in general are always fantastic and I’m glad we reach these at all.

Fallout 4 isn’t the only game we’re giving away; I’ll have a whole list of them below.


We went a little too crazy with providing videos over the past week. We had live streams, new gameplays, some with commentary; and they were from different people. We now have 4+ people assisting with providing videos, listed below:

  • Tracer (Future videos to be higher quality, not to be mean-spirited on his earlier videos)
  • DrxScab (Provides gameplay straight from the PS4’s mouth)
  • Tee B (With his all-mighty Titan Xp)
  • Me, Jstar269 (Nintendo Switch Heaven)
  • zXesty (In the Future(tm).)

Be on the lookout for videos to release at least once a week from here on out.


We’ve teamed up with WeirdoGameZ on being able to share their game servers with our rapidly growing community. With their three game servers for Garry’s Mod, you can check them out below:

  • WeirdoGameZ (Steam)
    • Garry’s Mod
      • BuildRP:
      • Zombie Survival:
      • Base Wars (DEV):

If you guys have servers that also want to be partnered with us, let us know; this won’t be a focus for the time being, but it’s always a list that we want growing.


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of May 21st, 2017:

Point Code of the Week: FALLINGOUT7 (Worth 25 Points, 50 Members Can Use It, Expires Saturday.)


Next week, we’ll take another look at what we’ve done, as usual business entails. Until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you back on the next newsletter. See you there!


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