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Jay-Cast News #8 – Skalinger, the Officer

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Jay-Cast News #8 – Skalinger, the Officer

In this issue, I’ll be discussing our first induction of Officers for Jay-Cast, which was Skalinger! Also, new Jay-Cast videos and our very own Discord Bot.


Skalinger, an extremely valuable member to our community, has been accepted to be on board the highest tier of Jay-Cast; an officer/admin. As one, he has more control over the things he wants to do, look setting up giveaways, longer-planned events, and is able to get an even better understanding of the community when he’s online. From the 2+ months that Jay-Cast has been a thing, Skalinger for practically that whole time has shown that’s a very worthy, trusting, and respectable moderator, and me and Dracus both thought it was time to bring him to the next level.

We’re proud that Skalinger has shown has worth in so many more ways than one, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next as an official admin of the Jay-Cast community.

You can check out the interview that got him to where he is now at (only Steam Group members can look at it). Both me and Dracus did an interview of sorts to truly get a final understanding if he should be brought on as an admin, and judging from his history and now, he seems like a great fit to be a great representative for Jay-Cast. We now have three officers on board, but whether this will be the end of getting more has remained to be seen. After all, we still have 13 moderators for Jay-Cast, all of which have shown usefulness as well. I can’t look that far into the future, at least not yet…


(We had so many new videos that we couldn’t post all of them here; it’d be too crowded!)

We had a boatload of new videos coming in across the week; from Horizon Zero Dawn, to a fresh look at ARMS, to a lot of Overwatch with staff. It’s so many videos overall that I only linked the videos that are the highlights of what we released. We really went pretty overboard with releases.

You can always check out all of our videos (both old and recent) at . We plan to have a video released at least once a week, and with all of our active staff on board, it’s always very likely that that’ll happen every week.



We now have our very own Discord Bot to use for our server! Meet Jay-Cast Bot. He can cook, clean, do your chores, and anything you want… ok, that might not be true, but it can do a whole lot of stuff.

We had a whopping 10 bots on our server before adding our own, and after test-driving it for an hour or so, we’ve already taken off two. We plan to have as little amount of bots as needed as we start adding more and more functionalities to our own bot. This section of this week’s newsletter was a little rushed because we just added in this bot earlier today, and got enough added to it to have something noteworthy to write about.

If you guys want to check out our lovely new bot and it’s new useful features, hop in our Discord server at ! Afterwards, type in “/help” in somewhere like the #random channel to see what this puppy can really do.

Have any suggestions for it? Let us know here or at the #suggestions channel in our Discord server, mentioned above. Thanks in advance! 😀


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of May 28th, 2017:

NOTE: We’ll be giving away “Prey 2017” once we hit 2,500 Steam Group members! Make sure you let your friends know about that by joining our Steam Group!

Points Code of the Week: SKALINGERARMS8 (Worth 25 Points, 50 Members Can Use It, Expires Saturday.)


  • Jstar’s Chronicles #25 – Up in ARMS
    • In this issue, I get a close look at the recent ARMS Global Testpunch for Nintendo Switch. I did say I was going to record some gameplay as well, in which I did, and it can be seen above.

Next week… well, even I don’t know what we’ll be doing next week. We’re always building what we’ll be doing, and while it may seem like we’ve slowed down in innovation/progression recently, we never really do! Until then, take care of yourselves while I begin writing up for next week as we head to E3! Peace.


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