Jstar’s Chronicles #24 – Directly ARMed

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Jstar’s Chronicles #24 – Directly ARMed

In this issue, we dive into the recent ARMS Direct from Nintendo.


Recently, Nintendo quickly announced and did a new Nintendo Direct for their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, ARMS; it is to release shortly after E3 2017, hence why announcing new stuff at E3 would be pretty awkward. They released some new information, along with a new trailer of Splatoon 2 (to release in July), so let’s start with the obvious; the new ARMS characters.

A total of three new characters were shown off in ARMS, including ‘Byte and Barq’, ‘Kid Cobra’, and ‘Twintelle’. Each of the characters are completely different, featuring different play styles to fit with their character look and feel. I’ll have images of the new characters below, but the point is that there are now 10 whole characters to choose from at launch… with more on the way.

In order: ‘Byte and Barq’, ‘Twintelle’, and ‘Kid Cobra’.

A lot of new modes were also shown off, featuring one that resembled volley ball and another that resembled dunking people in hoops, with a similar setting to basketball matches. 1-to-100 and the other battle modes show that there’s a large amount of replay value to use here. Online play was also shown off, and it hyped me up how smooth it’ll be.

Up to 10 Switches with two players each can connect at the same time online, which means that it’s assured that lobbies will be quite hectic. As for local play, eight Switches can connect, which means that a max of 2 matches of 2v2 will be possible offline.

The more I see new content/gameplay of ARMS, the more I get interested in how much content the game will actually have. The fact that this game may get new fighters, stages, and general content through free updates and DLC shows that this launch is just the beginning of a game that will slowly get more and more valuable. Plus, with the ARMS Global Testpunch, I can even confirm whether I’ll really enjoy this game from the comfort of my Switch.

Overall, ARMS, in just about five months, went from a game that looked close to a gimmick, to a game that now looks close to being worth a full $60. I may have a Nintendo bias, but based on how it looks as of now, and with my final verdict to be talked about next week when the first release of the Global Testpunch happens, I’ll at that point truly decide whether I should get this game or not when it releases June 16th, 2017. However, ARMS wasn’t the only thing talked about during that event…

The next game that I’ve been interested in from the beginning is Splatoon 2. I was absolutely in love with the original Splatoon on Wii U, so seeing that a new trailer for its sequel would be part of this was what originally hyped me up. After the ARMS info was done with, seeing new gameplay associated with the single player of this July game really brought me back memories, even if the original is still technically not that old.

One of the best parts about the original Splatoon was the single player story mode, so seeing that they seem to keep a balance of quality with the sequel has me maintaining my hype to a high-enough level to still want to buy this. Seeing Marie and the new city had me feel great all over again. The artwork that was released right after (along with a new logo) hyped immensely.

It really wasn’t that much, but it was enough for me to understand that there will be a deep story and without many spoilers added into the mix. The new trailer was good enough for me to get an understanding of what may happen in the game, but not enough of a conformation that would lead to massive spoilers. I’m personally glad about what was shown off, and can’t wait to check out this franchise officially again. I hope there’s another Global Testfire, though… my Switch will always be ready for another dose of powerful ink.

I’ll link both the ARMS Direct and the new Splatoon 2 Single-Player Trailer below. Let me know what you thought about them!


  • Now this will be quite interesting. Instead of flowing in Valve’s Steam client, this is officially the first non-Blizzard game to run under Blizzard’s game client. Seeing Destiny 2 pop up right next to Overwatch will be a sight to see.

  • It was already known that this would be coming soon, but it’s good to see a few more details about it. Hopefully, we get some gameplay footage at E3 this year.

Next week, I’ll take another dive at whatever’s happening in the gaming industry. Until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll check back with you next week! See ya then!

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