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The Jay Post #11 – Website Update Phase 1

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The Jay Post #11 – Website Update Phase 1

In this newsletter, we feature, publish, and talk about our latest website update.


We recently updated our website with some core changes; it might not matter much, but it’s been done, and it’s the beginning of something so much bigger.

1.0 Phase 1

  • Updated Core Structure/Fixes/Theme
  • Reorganized Sidebar Widgets
  • Added Steam Group Widget

I’d also like for me to introduce the new name of our website: “Jay-Cast Hub”. Now the one center, the one base of Jay-Cast for all of our big events to be held. Running on the latest software and the highest rated code, we simply aim to please. Be on the lookout for what our first big Hub event will be once our full 1.0 update is completed. Speaking of…

The design of our website is becoming a little long in the tooth. It may be time to overhaul it for the better. Stay tuned.


We’ve teamed up with the developers of Slymes (WolfTech Games) with being a part of their big 50 copy giveaway happening now on SteamGifts.

You can check out the link below for Slymes’ official J-Play page for more information on this fantastic game.


TracerNet is back at it again with a new video, this time focusing on the final boss of The Surge. With 5 likes and 23 views, it’s done pretty nicely in the analytic department. The quality this time around has remained top-notch, and really highlights Tracer’s fantastic quality department. 🙂


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of Thursday, June 15th, 2017:

Points Code of the Week: ROCKETPHASEONE11 (25 Points, First 50 People Can Use It, Expires Monday)


Next week, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be talking about the next step to Jay-Cast Hub 1.0. if you see some strange visual things going on, you’ll know why those are happening.


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