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Jstar’s Chronicles #26 – ARMed Up Again

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Jstar’s Chronicles #26 – ARMed Up Again

In this issue, I go back and take another look at the ARMS Global Testpunch when it’s docked, and some more gameplay!


Last week, I discussed on how I felt about playing the ARMS Global Testpunch on Nintendo Switch. It was overall a great experience, and with how Nintendo pushed very hard with the motion controls, I prefer traditional, and that’s very good as I mainly played it undocked as if it was a handheld.

However, I still had to check the game out in it’s docked state, considering that I’d get to experience the game in full 1080p 60 FPS that way. And boy, did it look great.

Playing this game on a computer monitor was truly something different. Even though the Nintendo Switch display itself isn’t bad (it’s pretty darn good), my monitor truly produced results that really gave ARMS a new light to shine in. While playing on the go is for-sure a plus, but playing on a better higher-end display is something of a marvel.

There were also new modes to switch out the ones from last week (V-Ball and Three-For-All was last week only). This includes Hoops, Skillshot, and the glorious “Vs. Hedlok”, a co-op battle against a CPU opponent. That is also the order of least to most enjoyed new modes, as Vs. Hedlok while difficult was pretty fun, and Skillshot was also great in some areas. Hoops just felt like grinding the grab mechanic, which everyone was already doing to begin with.

Now, keep in mind that I also primarily played in single player, meaning I didn’t get a lowered resolution or frame rate. It was solid the way through. The graphics were gorgeous, it was as sharp as it can be, and it overall was a phenomenal experience. It made me enjoy ARMS even more, to the point where I can have a finalized verdict on the thing (now that it’s all over).

The Global Testpunch for ARMS has now convinced me to buy ARMS as soon as I can. It’s fun, full of more content than I originally expected, and if what it launches with isn’t enough, more content is planned to be on the way. While I obviously can’t recommend the game yet as I don’t have it at the moment, it pretty much convinced me to buy this game to get as much as I can out of this soon-to-be great game for Switch.

I’ve got new footage of the game to show off too… in fact, it’s almost a full hour of new gameplay! Watch me fail at punching across the world in the next section.


The reason why my weekly editorial this week was delayed for two days was that I wanted this to also be an announcement for some new fresh videos. My capture card got a little messed up (and that’s sadly shown in the ARMS video), but I recorded other gameplay to showcase that I managed to fix it and make it look better than ever.

The newer videos are from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, a game that I highly recommend if you didn’t play the Wii U original beforehand. The links to the Mario Kart videos are still uploading as of this article’s release, so keep an eye on this article over the next few hours.


Check back here next week for more takes, more looks at the latest in gameplay, and potentially more original gameplay videos! Until then, I’ll see you next time. See ya later!


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