Jstar’s Chronicles #29 – One Steamy Summer

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Jstar’s Chronicles #29 – One Steamy Summer

For my 29th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, I’ll be talking about My Take on the Steam Summer Sale for 2017.


It has begun. Summer has pretty much started for everyone at this point, and with kids out of school and people relaxing, it’s a perfect time to play games, right? Valve agrees, and has begun the 2017 Steam Summer Sale, featuring fantastic deals all over the board and all-new sticker books for us to use. These sales normally wake up the entire community to come together to buy some good games, but now that it’s been a few days, it’s time to give this a detailed look and my perspective on it.

To start this off, let me explain what the stickers’ purpose is. By doing some of the quests provided, you can earn sticker packs to place in your sticker book. Exciting, huh? If you’re worried that this replaced this year’s trading card badge, worry not: By crafting game badges, making purchases, and looking through your Discovery Queue (for Steam Level 5+ users). I haven’t really dove into these as I haven’t had the time, but it looks like I have until July 5th anyway. Now, it’s time for the meat of this: the sale itself.

I can’t find a specific number of how many games on sale, but if it’s like earlier ones, the number is most likely at least a few thousand. Knowing how hyped up these sales are, I’m not surprised that these many games get on sale, especially knowing that 5,245 games were put for release on Steam last year alone, the highest amount per year yet. That’s… a lot of new games, and with the majority of Steam Greenlight games to be released now that Greenlight is over, it seems that this is truly the time to get as many sales out of this as possible.

Knowing that sales won’t be popping up or ending during this sale, I’m asking my glorious community to search through the best deals and sales that they can find on Steam at the moment. I’ll add all of them in next week’s issue of Jstar’s Chronicles.


Next week, I’ll give another look at the Steam Summer Sale with your own suggestions, and possibly a surprise or two. Until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you back here next time.

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