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The Jay Post #10 – The Next Website Update

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The Jay Post #10 – The Next Website Update

In our 10th issue, it’s time to reconsider the purpose and goals of the website, and we’re starting it with our first big update.


Since our website launch on April 1st, we’ve received praise for its simplicity and available features to use. Truly, we never had a true focus on the website’s core as we’ve focused on boosting our recognition on Steam and Discord, to great success. Now that we’ve stabilized our growth, it may be time to give out website another look.

For several weeks, we’ve had our website keep up it’s core being done at somewhere between 80-85%. The percentage of our website that was actually finished is really nowhere near that. As an open beta, this makes sense. The biggest part that we’ve lacked in is the department I usually always had a focus on: design.

The purpose of the website was to unify everything that’s Jay-Cast; to be a single hub for everyone to use without needing to register for any other platform. It was extremely ambitious and still is, but with our great member count, our fantastic staff team, and the activity of thousands. Our giveaways continue to get better and better, and Jay-Cast as a whole is starting to get recognition. Just recently, we had another game sign on to J-Play. Knowing this, it’s really time to take another look at everything that happens on our website, and truly overhaul it.

We’re already comprising a list of things to completely redesign and change-up for our first big website update. From a new design, to new pages, to fixes and improvements, to stability updates, to a new larger focus on you. Jay-Cast has always been for the gamer, providing better experiences for anyone that uses our services. We want to be recognized with wanting to improve standards of what people may use every day. With what we’ve done recently, we’re on our way there. Time for the obligated “Stay tuned”.


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of Sunday, June 11th, 2017:


Points Code of the Week: WEBSITEUPDATE10 (Worth 25 Points, 50 Members Can Use It, Expires Saturday.)


Prepare for a new issue of TracerNet every Monday, including tomorrow!

Next week, prepare for a new issue of what’s been happening at Jay-Cast yet again! Always be on the lookout for an interview from a J-Play developer, along with a potential surprise. With E3 2017 about to truly begin, this may actually happen, so always stay tuned, and we’ll see you there! 🙂


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