TracerNet #3 – The Gaming Platform Debate

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TracerNet #3 – The Gaming Platform Debate

Hiya, it’s your friendly neighborhood Tracer here with the debate I had this past week between a console and PC.

Me: Hello PC and console of olden days, I hope you two are comfortable.
PC: Call me Sexy Dark Tardis and refer to the console as the Coffee Table.
Me: Wow, you’re quite, um, mean to say the least.  I mean you act like you are a king or something.
Console: Coffee Tabl…hey wait a minute!  Just because I’m square doesn’t mean people put objects from there living space on me.
Me: Please don’t get into a damn disc shooting fight again.  I almost received a disc cut from that.
Console: Looks at me with puppy eyes Sorry

First question: What FPS amount can you handle on Forza Horizon 3?

Console: A steady 60 frames per second and 4K if you have a 4K television.
PC: 60 frames per second but if you’re another sexy PC like I am, you can get double the amount and have 4K with a 4K monitor.
Me: You sure speak high about yourself, PC
PC: It’s because I’m sexy you imbecile
Console: Can I be sexy too?
Me: Facepalm

Next question: What platform do you use to play games with?

Console: Xbox Live but the problem that some people have with Xbox Live is that it’s a subscription based platform.
PC: I have a multitude of platforms but the one most people prefer is Steam.  It’s not a monthly subscription based program and you can sell your inventory items for games or more items.
Me: That sounds awesome and cool all at once.

3rd question: What exclusives do you have?

PC: I don’t really have exclusives since porting from consoles to PC’s are a thing now…and because I’m dark and sexy.
Me: Oh for the love of god, stop.
Console: I have quite a few exclusives.  Did I also mention that I’m slim too?
Me: Not you too.

4th question: What is your favorite game:

Console Forza Motorsport 5
PC: I can’t decide because I have too many on my Steam library.
Console: Woooooow, can’t decide, woooooow.
Me: Oh no!
Console: Oh yes!

5th and final question: Why are you the best?

PC: Please, that’s easy.  My internal hardware components can be changed out for better and longer use when it comes to gaming and I become not just a beast but a sexy one at that.
Console: No comment.
Me: No comment? Why?
Console: Because I can’t think of anything.
PC: Ha ha ha, peasant.  You’ll never beat me. You underestimate the power of the dark side.
Console: Oh no!
Me: Oh yes! PC, have you been watching Star Wars again?
PC: Maaaaaybe.

Well, you heard it here folks.  These 2 have worse problems than a vegan at Burger King.  I hope you all enjoy this craziness called a debate.

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