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TracerNet #4 – Gaming With Music

Gamers Worldwide.

TracerNet #4 – Gaming With Music

Your friendly neighborhood Tracer here with an article a day early as I have been very busy with work lately.  After this week’s article, I will go back to my normal weekly schedule.  This week is more fact than fiction as I discuss how music can improve a gamer’s senses.

The old saying of how you can judge a person by their taste in music also works for gamers too.  An example I can give is about myself.  I love old rock and roll from the 60’s to the 90’s, so I love old video games and now I feel old.  Some people, like myself, prefer a song that has a beat that follows a game’s scene or area.  With racing, some prefer songs like No Good by Kaleo as it has a beat that makes you want to drive fast and look cool at the same time.  If it was an FPS like Call of Duty, it would depend on the mission you were on.  All games have a certain song that may follow depending on the genre of the video game.

Let’s talk about some of the science behind the musical beat.  When you are playing and hear a song that has a beat that follows to the game’s action sequence or what not, your brain releases some cool chemicals that heightens the senses and helps improve your overall gameplay.  Sometimes those chemicals in the brain can hinder the senses and thus cause you to be terrible.

So as we can see, the brain is the cause of your gameplay.  It all depends on not just the song but the hand-eye coordination that is the key to your gaming.  Reflexes are also heightened because again the chemicals and the beat are what cause this crazy phenomenon to make you better for the most part.  Who needs concentration when music can improve that.

Slow songs are what causes the senses to be hindered.  No body needs slow music to slow down their senses.  The reflexes, concentration, and hand-eye coordination suffer from the lack of chemicals and as we all know, causes us to be terrible players.  Why those chemicals release are not something that I am an expert on.  I’d have to ask a neurologist about that and get back to you on that but all I can say is rock on gamers worldwide.  And one last thing before I go, music can be a universal tool for everything in life.  It’s a make or break type of tool that can be used during house cleaning to driving a real car, just remember to not crash.

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