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The Jay Post #14 – Snake’s Battlegrounds

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The Jay Post #14 – Snake’s Battlegrounds

Huh? Well, in our newest newsletter, I’ll explain with a few giveaways(!) and some new gameplay videos.


Yooooo! We’ve got new gameplay videos coming at ya live from Jay-Cast! Including videos from me and TacticalTracer, check out some new gameplay, whether it’s music/stealth focused, or some Overwatch gameplay with commentary (+40 minutes!). Enjoy quite a lot of content that we’ve just posted above.

We also did a few Live Streams, from both of our Tracers! Check them out below.


We’ve got ourselves another potential-filled moderator afoot! With a full username of “TracerNova”, we officially have two staff members with part of their name being “Tracer”, clearly showing how much of an impact Overwatch has done to us. Small world, huh?

TracerNova will be another one of our post writers, video creators, and live streamers! Sounds great overall, and to prove it, she did a live stream earlier today. You can check it out above. Give her a warm welcome over at our Discord Server.


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of Monday, July 10, 2017:

We also have a public giveaway for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

Points Code of the Week: TRACERNOVA14 (25 Points, First 50 People Can Use It, Expires Sunday)


Next week, prepare yourselves for another regular edition of The Jay Post, as we never know what to write in it until it actually happens! Otherwise, it’d be written here. 😉 Until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you back here in the next one! See ya there.


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