Jstar’s Chronicles #30 – Staying Steamy

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Jstar’s Chronicles #30 – Staying Steamy

In our whopping 30th issue, I highlight the best deals coming from this year’s Steam Summer Sale, and the latest in gaming news. Let’s begin!


Now that it’s been a little more than a week that this sale has gone, it’s time to actually highlight the best Steam games on sale (and only for a few more days).

With the support of our community and our great staff team, I was able to round up some of the most enjoyed and favorite deals happening on Valve’s gaming client store.

Let us know of any deals you’ve seen before the sale ends on the morning of July 5th.


Next week, I’ll be checking back at another interesting thing happening with sales; Prime Day. It’s too early to talk about it now, but I’ll have some tips and tricks on what to do with this Amazon deal day, and whether it’ll be worth it this time around. Until then, I’ll check you back here next week. See ya!


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