Jstar’s Chronicles #31 – Splatting Once Again

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Jstar’s Chronicles #31 – Splatting Once Again

In this issue, I give my take on the recent Splatoon 2 Direct, and the corresponding “free demo” that released with it.


Recently, and as expected, Nintendo did a “live” Nintendo Direct specifically for Splatoon 2, which the game releases on July 21st. This to me has been the first truly original game coming to the Nintendo Switch that I was hyped for from the beginning. I grinded out the Global Testfire back in March, and while I wasn’t available to react to it live, I did however react to it overall, and recorded it if I ever decide to release it (partly messed up the video). Moving on, time for My Take on it.

It was an overall recap of what Splatoon 2 will offer and what the game will have at launch and beyond. For people new to Splatoon, this was a great Direct, but for people like me who loved the original Splatoon already, this provided a good amount of new details for us that are definitely getting the sequel as soon as possible.

From new weapons, to new details, to the new Online app, to the new game hosts, to minor new details on the modes we already knew (like Salmon Run), it was exciting for me to see so much new information on a game release in under three weeks. Speaking of the new game hosts… as this is my take on the Direct, I think Marine is my favorite out of her and Pearl. What makes this even more interesting is the fact she resembles an octoling, which were kind-of enemies back in the first game.

Marina is on the right. In-game, it’s no competition. Source: https://nintendowire.com/news/2017/07/06/new-splatoon-2-musiciansannouncers-marina-pearl-revealed/

It was overall not really something to get super hyped about, but it was generally a (expected) good Direct from Nintendo. I enjoyed it. However, at the end, they announced that their first Splatfest (event where people choose a team and fight for it to win stuff) would be before the game officially releases. Huh?

Oh, right; The free demo.

Whether you like Cake or Ice Cream, you can now decide in advance of this Splatfest that will open up on the 15th for people in the United States (like me). There are different Splatfests for other regions, at different times as well (Japan has Rock vs. Pop). This is free, and is downloadable now. I’ve already checked it out (sadly not recorded), but it was great returning to Splatoon, let alone on a handheld. It looked great, the functions seem to be all prepped up and ready to go, and the tutorial was fine. Seeing it in 1080p at 60 FPS was also a fantastic delight, and I’m glad that Nintendo optimized the game enough to have it hit the same target that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and ARMS did earlier in the year.

Considering it is free, I wouldn’t suggest ignoring it; while the Splatfest itself is a few days off, I still suggest at least downloading it now, choosing your team, checking out the #NotMyMiiverse posts already created, and begin waiting it out. It is about 1.4 GB (at least on my Switch), so hopefully you’ve got enough storage space for it. 😉


Next week, I’ll try my best to recap my take on the real meat of the Splatfest World Premiere; the Splatfest battles itself! Hopefully I’ll be able to live stream it as well. Until then, I’ll catch you back here in the next issue. Take care of yourselves, and have a good one. Peace!

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