Jstar’s Chronicles #32 – #TeamIceCream For Life

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Jstar’s Chronicles #32 – #TeamIceCream For Life

In our 32nd issue, I recap my feelings about last night’s Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere for Ice Cream Vs. Cake (and Rock Vs. Pop in Japan)!


I played a total of 11 hours of a game that hasn’t released yet (technically speaking). Yes, Splatoon 2, a game that I’ve been absolutely hyped up for even since it was officially announced back in the middle of January, which will be releasing in a few more days onto the Nintendo Switch. At the end of their Direct earlier this month, they announced a “free demo” for Splatoon 2, where users can jump into the first Splatfest, “Ice Cream vs. Cake”. It was extremely exciting that I’d be able to play some more Splatoon 2 just a few days before its official launch, even if it was a little lacking in some departments.

If you’d like to see the four hours(!) of me playing it last night, I’ll link it below. Keep in mind that game audio somehow didn’t get through the stream (which doesn’t make sense, as the game audio was showing to be going through). I at least had commentary, but really hoped that no problems would occur, and this is like the worst thing to happen that wasn’t obvious to me. :c

(Also, mind that I got a little tired near the end. The Splatfest ended at 10:00 PM ET and I was playing it all day. It also explains why this was posted so late; this would issue of J’s C have been a lot worse if I posted right after the Splatfest ended.)

Anyway, how did I feel about the entire thing? Well, keep in mind that I played through all three of the Splatfests: The ones for Japan, Europe, and North America. Japan had Rock Vs. Pop, while EU and NA had Ice Cream Vs. Cake. For Japan and NA, I reached the highest “power” rank for the Splatfest: “Pop King” and “Ice Cream King”, respectively. As for EU, I missed an entire hour and only reached the half-way point to King. I ended up reaching “Ice Cream Champion” for that, but that’s besides the point. I ultimately went all-out on this game, not only because I was hyped for this game, but also because I was a pro at the original Splatoon on the Nintendo Wii U.

It was awesome that I was part of a winning team, and got our lord and savior Marina (I’m joking) the win, with Pearl grabbing a win in the Japanese department. Literally a win-win situation, even if I was supporting Marina in all three Splatfests (and kicking butt at the same time). Both of the results had Marina winning the Solo Queues, so it feels good to be part of the reason that Marina won in the EU and NA regions, and got a point in the JP region.

Compared to the Global Testfire back in late March, I can clearly see boosts in quality, especially in the resolution. What was once a locked 720p is now moving up to a dynamic 1080p scaler, according to Digital Foundry. The video above is 720p due to my capture card, but it is 60 FPS, and I mean truly locked 60 FPS. It’s so incredibly buttery smooth that I was simply astonished of it most of the time while I was playing.

The controls were kind of something to get used to, like how the jump button got moved from X to B (Map is now X). This was easier for me as I played the Global Testfire back in March, but I was still playing the original Splatoon from time to time. Once the sequel releases, it’ll be down to Super Smash Bros. as my final Wii U game that hasn’t been confirmed to have a successor on Switch.

I will be planning to get this game day one; this game was put in as a day one buy with the Global Testfire, and this right here was truly and officially sealed the deal. Be on the lookout for streams, gameplay, discussions, and a review for Splatoon 2 starting Friday. It’s gonna be great.



Next week, I’ll head deep into Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 for the Switch! You’ll be seeing non-stop gameplay, discussions, and a whole lotta love for this new sequel! I can personally tell you that Splatoon 2 will be a massive treat for me, and this is one of the my most hyped up games that will finally release for me. I’ll check you back here by then! “See ya around!”

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