TacTracer #8 – What Cosplay Is Like

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TacTracer #8 – What Cosplay Is Like

Hey everyone, I had skipped last week because I had no idea what to discuss but this week I will have a fun topic to dive into.  I’m going to talk about cosplay and what it is like and how dedicated the cosplay community is like to making great outfits.

Cosplay is like Halloween but instead it’s like dressing up as not just comic book characters and it’s not just one day out of the year.  You can be whoever you want to dress as from pop culture.  You can be a character from an anime television series, a video game character, or a television character.  Cosplay is what strives us to be who we always wanted to be, a character that fits our personality, or just for fun.  The cosplay community are the heart and soul of comic book conventions.  They are what keeps those conventions fun and entertaining to meet new people.

The process to create an outfit can be expensive and time consuming but worth it after it is complete.  The costume is what makes you distinct and talked about at comic conventions because you put so much work and effort into it.  I am new to cosplay so my outfit wasn’t put together very well nor was I very recognizable.  I will be much better at cosplay now that I know what to do to create an impressive outfit.  I hope that I see such awesome outfits when I go to Planet Comic Con in February.

There are cosplayers who are famous for pulling off insanely cool outfits such as Jessica Nigri.  She inspired me to cosplay my favorite video game character, Tracer.  They are what makes people, like myself, get into cosplay and I thank them for being an inspiration.  The outfits that these cosplayers have are insane just as the normal cosplayers create.  Even then, you are just impressed at the creations and hear an “oooo” or “ahhh” every now and then.

Cosplay can just be such horrible luck for some people as they go through trial and error.  Some people can’t perfect their outfit but try their best and can still pull it off well.  The cosplay mishap is one that can be even more time consuming due to a size problem, a broken piece, or just forgot to finish.  Everyone who can’t finish building their outfit should always have a backup costume so that you can still enjoy cosplay as someone other than the character that you really wanted to be.

Now, I will not be here next Sunday as I will be on a weekend vacation(woohoo!) and I will make sure to have an article written up in the next two weeks.  Here is your weekly song to get ya through

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