TracerNet #5 – What Does A Review Actually Do? And A Surprise Announcement

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TracerNet #5 – What Does A Review Actually Do? And A Surprise Announcement

Hi everyone, before I get to the announcements (yes, 2 announcements), I will be discussing how a game review can be good or bad.  We all know that reviews are important from a customer’s standpoint and when a magazine reviews new games, we never really care.  Why do we not care?  Well, the reason is that they are paid to write good or bad reviews but the customer pays to play the game.

Most of us gamers just recently protested TakeTwo for not allowing modding for Grand Theft Auto 5.  The one way we protested was through reviews on Steam here  Those reviews made the game become extremely negative because TakeTwo wouldn’t allow modding.  Luckily, Rockstar had told TakeTwo to ease off the cease and desist  That cease and desist made many people not want to play GTA 5 anymore.  So as we know, the gamers were a voice that Rockstar knew were better than the company that had the rights to the studio and franchise.

Now, reviews are helpful for weary buyers of games that may be negative just because people assume the game is terrible.  As we all know the old saying “don’t knock it until you try it” is especially true for people who hate No Man’s Sky because they “played” it for a minute and then proceeded to bash it because everyone else hated it.  I’m not one to bash a game until I played it for an hour and gave my verdict.  The hate bandwagon has become extremely popular as of late because of No Man’s Sky.  The reason being is because there were promises and hype about it that made a negative impact on the gaming industry.  Now when we see a new game coming out we worry that it may flop like No Man’s Sky because it gets hyped up.

On to the announcements.  First announcement is that I will be changing the name of the articles from TracerNet to TacTracer for 2 reasons.  One reason is because TracerNet is a real company and don’t want to see copyright infringement laws go into effect.  The second reason is because I want to brand TacticalTracer for the articles and my Youtube channel.  The second announcement, I will be partnering my Youtube channel now with other channels like Jay – Cast to support them and my channel by getting subscribers.  I know it sounds selfish but I want to help Jay – Cast and other channels out anyway I can.

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