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The Jay Post #18 – Warning, We’re Live

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The Jay Post #18 – Warning, We’re Live

Our 18th Jay-Cast newsletter talks about new moderators, new live streams, and new gameplay. Woot.


We recently inducted a new member of our Jay-Cast Staff Team. It’s our first new moderator in a month!

He will have the following roles as part of our growing community:

  • eSport Division Assistant
  • Jay-Cast Video Uploader
  • Dedicated ‘Twitch Chat’ Moderator
  • YouTube Chat Moderator

I’m very interested in this, as he’s our first moderator that wants to help with eSports from the beginning. He’s shown effort as part of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, so it’s good to see him take things to the next level(tm).

We’ve also got another new moderator. Say hello to OverlordTomala as our newest Dedicated ‘Discord Server’ Moderator! Kind of last-minute for The Jay Post but it’s obviously something to still bring up. 🙂


With school coming up for some of our staff members (including me), I’ve decided to change our current schedule up a little. Instead of releasing finished videos as soon as possible, we will now have them held to be released once a day. That way, people who subscribe won’t be bombarded on some days and left alone on others. Not releasing a video on a day means we simply didn’t have a video ready on time, and that’s ok. We’ve got a rehaul for our staff structure now in development that will result in more, active YouTube videos and live streams. Everyone’s a winner! 😀

Mild/intense spoilers are found in the videos below. Their earlier parts are in our YouTube channel, linked below.

And more!

You can go check out the rest of our videos over at our YouTube channel. We’d appreciate a subscription from you. 😉


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of Saturday, August 20, 2017:

Points Code of the Week: RESDEAD18 (25 Points, First 50 People Can Use It, Expires Saturday)


Next week, will we somehow get another moderator? Will TacticalTracer dive into another game to live stream? Will I (Jstar269) eventually do an official face reveal?! Find out this (maybe not all of it) on the next edition of The Jay Post. Until then, see ya later!


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