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Jstar’s Chronicles #35 – Critically Best for Switch

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Jstar’s Chronicles #35 – Critically Best for Switch

In my 35th issue, I talk about what could be my favorite Nintendo Switch game, as well as what’s as of now the best available.


The Nintendo Switch has been released for over five months, almost five and a half at this point. A wide choice of games are either now available, coming soon, or are being considered for development. Either way, it’s starting to feel good to be a Nintendo Switch owner. As an owner of one since launch, I truly felt a lack of games was in my way of getting anything besides Zelda. As more games have been released, I think it makes sense now to look through what seems to be the best and/or favorite game now available for the Nintendo Switch.

I’ll have a few picks for this as not everyone’s a loser: Critical Best, User Best, my favorite, and just for the heck of it, most wanted upcoming game. I may consider a “Worst/Least-Favorite” section for next week if wanted.

Critically Best: ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Current Score on Metacritic: 97/100

No question. It’s been highly praised as one of the best games ever created, and it’s completely understandable why; fantastic and detailed story, absolutely filled to the brim with open world adventures and quests, decent replay value as you try to collect Korok seeds, and a lot of exploring. Nintendo truly learned from the Wii U and released the Switch with a system seller on day one, and hundreds of critics agree.

User Best: Tie between ‘Splatoon 2‘ and ‘Disgaea 5 Complete
Current User Score on Metacritic: 8.6/10

Quite a high score for Metacritic User standards, and both of the games deserve it for good reasons; both are regarded as fantastic games with a lot of content for players to use and enjoy. While I haven’t checked out Disgaea 5 (even though I have downloaded the demo), it seems to be a well-rated game that’s also on other platforms, coming in at a critically enjoyed 81/100 for Switch. Splatoon 2 on the other hand also clocks in the same user score and is critically enjoyed at a slightly higher 83/100. I talked about Splatoon 2 later in this article.

Critically Best Non-Nintendo Game: ‘Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
Current Metacritic Score: 91/100

First released on the Switch and then on other platforms, Shovel Knight was already a highly beloved and reputable name as a great game now released on multiple platforms. When it was announced that the next content release for Shovel Knight would not only release first on Switch, but also at its launch, a lot of people suddenly prepared their wallets for a fantastic 2D platformer at launch, and the critics generally agreed.

My Favorite Switch Game: Splatoon 2

I’m a little biased from how much I loved the original Splatoon back on the Nintendo Wii U, but Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch is truly a fantastic game with incredible replay value, tons of online content, favorite modes that you’d want to play all day long, a pretty good story mode, and a lot of content to work with. It even has voice chat, albeit pretty lacking, and a section in the Nintendo Switch Online app where you can buy gear and look at your stats at the comfort of your phone. With how it’ll be getting support for the next year content-wise and two years of Splatfest events, and how it’s entirely portable now, it’s no wonder why I consider this as my favorite Switch game.

Most Wanted Game: Tie between ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

Splatoon 2 could end up being my favorite game of the year, but Nintendo still has a few more tricks up their sleeve to change my mind. As a massive fan of Super Mario games, Super Mario Odyssey caught my eye the moment I saw it was going to be a thing. It’s going to look like a true spiritual successor to Super Mario Sunshine in terms of mechanics, and the open world atmosphere plus story are sure to make it a treat to play. October 27th can’t come soon enough.

However, another game recently interested me that’s coming to the Switch in the holiday season: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While I didn’t play the original on Wii/New 3DS (yet), this looks to be a massive treat for JRPG fans (which I want to dive into). The music looks to be a treat, the quality of the game is truly breathtaking that it’ll be on handheld hardware, and it’s really making me feel like Nintendo might have a Final Fantasy of epic proportions on their hands. There is no-where near as enough information on this game compared to Super Mario Odyssey, but as this will be quite story driven, this may be a good thing. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this game as it gets closer to launch, just like Super Mario Odyssey.

Let me know what games you’ve enjoyed or are now hyped for!


Next week, if you read the large section above, could dive into the lower-tier games found on the Nintendo Switch. Until then, thanks for reading!


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