The Jay Post #17 – As We Hit 3,600

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The Jay Post #17 – As We Hit 3,600

Another milestone, another chance to get DOOMed, as well as why we haven’t posted recently, and our new Twitch Server!


We recently passed our four-month anniversary. They usually aren’t something to write home about, but considering how fast we’ve grown over the months and weeks, it’s truly something to show that we haven’t slowed down.

Giving fantastic-quality and AAA games including NieR: Automata, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, DOOM 2016, Fallout 4, Rocket League… the list goes on and on. We’ve even partnered with the developers of Arcane Raise and we have given away 50x copies multiple times, including from the other franchise games. We have grown a reputation recently with more developers wanting to partner with us through J-Play, and we continue to receive praise from people who enjoy our giveaways.

We hope you guys continue to enjoy our presence and our rapidly growing community as the months continue to pass by.


We haven’t posted a new issue of The Jay Post in three weeks! Quite nuts that this happened, and I’d like to explain why.

I haven’t been available over the past few weeks due to personal-related issues, issues that aren’t really something I’d put here. It got me doing and moving a lot of stuff around, and caused me to become inactive in Jay-Cast related stuff. I put life over Jay-Cast in terms of priority, and I’ll make sure to have some emergency plans put in place in case something like this happens yet again. Thank you for understanding.


With the recent introduction of Twitch Servers, I decided to check it out for myself and saw the potential of a Discord competitor. It’s fairly new so don’t expect a lot of content to check out at the moment, but we’ve already gotten a decent amount of members to sign on to it. Keep in mind that the Twitch Desktop App isn’t required to use it, and even integrates directly with our Twitch channel (including an exclusive text/voice channel for our followers)! It’s not required and we will still put full focus towards our Discord Server, but it’d be cool if you checked out both of them.


I almost forgot to add these in as well! I recorded some more videos a while back to increase our quantity of entertainment. I had interested in the Destiny 2 Open Beta and I wanted to dive in the Competitive/Ranked side of Splatoon 2 at it’s launch. Both were successful and I plan to have a lot more gameplay soon. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

And yes, TacticalTracer just put up a live stream for Resident Evil 7 on Easy Mode, and it can be seen above here! Thanks for watching these videos in advance.


Always get the latest giveaways at our official Giveaways page and here, as well as an area to type in our weekly point codes.

As of Saturday, August 12, 2017:

Points Code of the Week: RETURNING17 (25 Points, First 50 People Can Use It, Expires Sunday)


I hope to get us back to good shape by the next issue of The Jay Post! Until then, thanks for reading!

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