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The Jay Post #19 – Affiliated with Ourselves

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The Jay Post #19 – Affiliated with Ourselves

Our 19th issue will be discussing our progress with live streaming games, and where it may go next.


Hey, everyone ! I’ve got a few questions to ask, mostly money and streaming related.

When we eventually become a Twitch Affiliate, based on our recent activity with Twitch and our live streams… are you guys ok if we, from now on, stream exclusively with Twitch, discontinuing our streams for YouTube, Smashcast, and Mixer? Would you also be ok if we now post Live Stream Archives 24+ hours after we stream on Twitch to our YouTube channel?

It’s something that I’m glad we finally get to happen for us and our staff team, but it’s a pretty large decision to agree with. I’d like for you guys to understand it before we go ahead with it. I plan to have one more stream before we go ahead with it, meaning one more stream on all four services for-sure.

Also… if you guys are interested in supporting us, either through one-time donations with services like PayPal/Coinbase, our monthly through Patreon, let us know about it over at #general in our Discord Server . We’d love to know if you’d be interested if we started doing these services. Also let us know about your thoughts on us becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

Lastly, we’re in consideration to begin Monetization for our YouTube videos beginning later this month. A whole lot’s happening and we’re glad you’re here with us.

Thanks for reading and sticking with us as we open the next fantastic chapter for Jay-Cast. 🙂


I couldn’t keep you guys hanging on new content.

It’s been overall a slow week in general, but hopefully things kick in stronger than ever soon enough.


As of Saturday, September 2nd, 2017:

Points Code of the Week: POSSIBLYAFFILIATE19 (Useable to First 50, Expires Friday)


Sorry about this showcasing some minor rushing skills and abilities, as well as the latest issue of “Jstar’s Chronicles” as well. This simply had a large topic to talk about and I wanted it sent out as soon as possible, knowing I didn’t have anything released last week. Whatever the case, I plan to get out the next batch of articles on time, hopefully. As always, I’ll check you back here in the next issue!


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