TacTracer #11 – Being a Jay Caster

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TacTracer #11 – Being a Jay Caster

It’s been awhile, I know, but I moved and had been getting settled as it was a busy time for me.  This week, I will be discussing on what it is like working here at Jay-Cast and how successful we are with our content.  You were all probably wondering why I strayed away from the disability talk.  Well, I will be bringing that up here in 2 weeks again with an announcement.

When working here at Jay Cast, it feels like a 2nd family or for me, my 4th family.  I always say that Jay Cast is like the Olive Garden slogan because we actually care about each other and their issues that they go through.  Lately, some of our staff here had been going through some issues and we tried to make sure that they were alright.  One of our moderators had been in the hospital for the last few months but now she is back and slowly recovering.  We were concerned about her and made sure that she was loved by us all.  Now that she has returned, she has been helping me with giveaways and videos alike.

We never considered that Jay Cast was not just a brand but a living group of people who come from different walks of life.  I never thought that being a journalist would become my passion instead of web design but this group has shown that.  There are talented people in the group who are artists, writers, content creators, and the list goes on.  We are passionate here at Jay Cast because we learn new things about each other and we share tips on how to be better at our careers.

Now onto the content we have created.  We are not only great at writing but we create videos and broadcasts of our favorite games.  Jstar focuses on Nintendo games, Tee B focuses on games that allow 4k, TracerNova(not me so please don’t confuse us) likes to do commentary streams, Darovys focuses on anything that catches the eye, Derp Hound likes to play militaristic style games and upload them, and I focus on being a humorist in my videos.  We are all different with our style of content and it synergizes in some way or another.  Our streams are quite popular due to giveaways but we all try to be distinct in each stream.  Right now, only three of us are streaming and maybe soon there will be more.

Next week, I will be discussing about some interesting games I like to play(not a review) and how I play them with a keyboard.  Here is your song to motivate you through the school and work week.

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