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TacTracer #12 – Reviews Of The Week

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TacTracer #12 – Reviews Of The Week

Hi all, I am going to start reviewing games for the week because it has been extremely quiet here at Jay-Cast lately except for Jstar269 not being here because of hurricane Irma.  We’ll get to that later but for right now, let’s review some games.

First game on the list is Soda Dungeon.  It is an RPG game and is quite simple to play plus it is also free.  You start out with hiring these characters that are addicted to soda and send them to the dungeon to fight monsters.  Once you lose from the monsters, all the items and gold that the heroes collect, are used to unlock new heroes, buy new items, and to upgrade the soda tavern.  There is a button in the game that you can hit that will make the game go into auto battle, meaning that you just sit at your desk and watch.  As I said, it is quite simple and fun to play.  I will give this game a 8.5/10 due to the fact of auto battle.

Second game on the list is called RAID: World War 2.  It is from the creators of the Payday series but right now it’s in a closed beta stage so this review is purely for the beta as it has not released yet.  In the game, there are 4 characters to choose from and each have their own class that specialize in different ways.  The assault class is a healer, the recon class improves the team’s aim, insurgent increases movement speed, and the demolition increases damage dealt to enemies.  The only way to use these abilities is by eliminating enemies and doing objectives in the mission.  The graphics are slightly better than Payday 2 but it still feels like Payday 2.  You would think that the creators would switch it up a little bit and give it a new feel but alas, they did not.  I will give this beta a 9/10 due to the fact it plays like Payday 2 but in a fresher aspect.

Third and final game on the list for the week is called Minion Masters.  It is a card strategy game that is also a MOBA.  There are characters, called Masters, that you can buy that have different abilities that suit your card deck.  You can build different decks with cards that you unlock, craft, or buy.  Cards have different amounts of mana which can help or hinder a battle.  If you are winning a battle by controlling both bridges or just one bridge, you get experience points which upgrade your master in the duration of the battle.  There are 2 modes in the game, solo battle and team battle.  Solo battle is a one on one game mode and team battle is a two on two game mode.  You can also play with friends and in team mode with friends, it is also ranked like the other modes.  I will give this game a 9.5/10 because I really don’t see an issue.

I had mentioned earlier about Jstar269 not being around right now due to hurricane Irma.  He lives in Florida and right now, he may have evacuated but all I can say is keep him and Florida in your thoughts and prayers.  Here is the song to get you through the work week.

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