TacTracer #13 – How A Trach Has Helped Me And Other Announcements

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TacTracer #13 – How A Trach Has Helped Me And Other Announcements

It is such a lovely Friday morning and today will mark the fifteen year anniversary of having a tracheotomy.  I really don’t remember the exact date of when I received my trach but I will mark it on the calendar as the 15th of September.  There are other important announcements I will say towards the end of the article but for right now, I will discuss about this important device that saved my life.

This device is called a tracheostomy.  If you guys remember from a few articles ago, I had briefly discussed its importance and I had more questions from fans who were curious on what it does.  Think of it like a second nose, it secretes mucous just like a nose but must be suctioned with a catheter which does not hurt.  I think suctioning like blowing your nose in a way that you pull mucous out but through a hole in your neck.  Most people who receive trachs, are smokers because there lungs get sick and diseased from the chemicals in the cigarettes.

My case for having a trach was a completely different story.  I needed it because my upper airway had collapsed and if I did not have a trach, I would not be here writing this article.  It was frightening for my parents at the time because I was their only child and this was new for them.  The hospital that I was staying at had to teach my parents on how to care for someone with a trach.  It was a long process but it has saved my life quite a few times.

There are many different brands for trachs, but there is a type of trach that I have that has a balloon.  It’s a cuffed trach and it acts as a way to make me breath better as I sleep.  You inflate the balloon with air and it mutes my voice(yay, I guess) and my airway can relax because it’s not working as hard when I am deflated and can talk.  This trach also has an inner canula which acts like a sleeve and is changed out daily so I don’t get sick.  The trach itself is changed out every six to eight weeks because of the inner canula but it does hurt to change the trach out because of the balloon not being aerodynamic.  I do bleed a little, coughing ensues, and I am tired when it is over because of the coughing but am always alright.  I have had this style of trach since I was in the hospital almost three years ago and every day it has helped keep me healthy.

On to the announcements!  Jstar269’s 18th birthday is also today and please wish the young man a happy birthday.  I think he would enjoy that very much but from all of us here at Jay-Cast, we want to wish you a very happy birthday.

The other announcement is not so happy.  One of my friends from the Fuse Foundation that I go to, had passed away a couple days ago and he will be dearly missed.  Muscular Dystrophy is a cruel cruel disease and wish it hadn’t taken him.  He brought tears to my eyes from laughter and he was a beat boxing legend at camp.  I will always remember him for his humour and smile.  My condolences go out to his family and his best friend Blair.

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