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The Jay Post #20 – Twitch Affiliated

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The Jay Post #20 – Twitch Affiliated

I’d like to officially announce through our newsletter that we are now Twitch Affiliates! Also, exciting donation-related info, with our Patreon launch!


Yep, it finally happened. We are now Twitch Affiliated. You can now use the Twitch Subscription feature, cheer us on with Bits, and even buy games through us directly with Twitch. This should be pretty exciting, because we can now make some sort of money while streaming, motivating us more to stream better than ever!

We won’t be promoting it often, as we’d rather have an experience for people who can be archived. Case in point, this is why I don’t play copyrighted music during my streams, as they would easily got wiped off YouTube the moment it touches.

Prepare yourself for better quality live streams, more stuff to do during stream, and an overall better experience!

Check us out at don’t have to support us with subscriptions or a lot of Bits, but a follow is highly suggested. They are free to do, after all. 😉


We’ve got a brand new PayPal, Patreon, and donation link, as well as a new hall of fame. Check it out over here.

I’d also like to announce that we have a few advertisements running around on our website. These placements are not final and we will do a sort of “test run” to see how these ads do. We want them to not be messing up people’s experiences when looking at our content, and rather have the content blend in with what we release. If you guys would rather not want ads, make sure to check out our Patreon page and donate to support us, and you’ll be given access to not have ads when using our website. When you donate, please make sure that you use the same email registered here with donating, and PM me (Jstar269) any proof you can that you donated for the month.


Our first new J-Play game in a while! Meet CUBE OS. Submitted far too long ago, I’ve finally got around to implementing this properly! Special thanks to the developer of this for sending in this game.

You can click the image above to head to its new J-Play page, with a group and forum to mix.


Points Code of the Week: TWITCHAFFILIATED20 (Expires Sunday, Useable to First 50)

As of Monday, September 18, 2017:

Don’t forget to check out our official Giveaways page to see what our latest offerings are!


I, again, apologize that this was a shorter (and still delayed) issue of The Jay Post than usual. I’ve just about finished recovering from Hurricane Irma, and as long as Hurricane Maria doesn’t come around, things should be back to normal by the time the next roundup of articles release. Until then, thanks for reading!


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