The Jay Post #22 – Hitting Another Milestone

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The Jay Post #22 – Hitting Another Milestone

Our 22nd issue talks about what will be happening as we hit 4,000 members and what recently happened over at our Discord Server.

AS WE HIT 4,000

Another incredible milestone to accomplish in our Steam Group. Truly a marvel to take notice of. 4,000 members means 4,000 gamers united under one name, one brand, one community. 4,000 is a true milestone to hit at this point, especially in the span of slightly over six months. Speaking of, I understand that we didn’t really celebrate our 6-Month anniversary, which was indeed a week ago. The reason was… I simply forgot, haha.

I didn’t really consider six months as something big until afterwards, in which case we did start a new Tekken 7 giveaway (which can be seen below). Here’s to the months lying ahead of us on this road to being bigger and better!


After recent private events with one of our staff members, a large argument took place that I’d rather not post here for the sake of the admin we demoted. I will not mention their name for privacy reasons, but if you see anyone claiming we’ve done wrong doings recently, it is assured that we really didn’t and have number one care for our staff members. We put effort towards making sure everyone is having a good time and has an understanding that they aren’t entirely devoting their time to Jay-Cast, which is unhealthy and not worth it in the short run.

As we continue to grow, I appreciate the support and care that our community continues to give over the past and upcoming few months. It is massively enjoyed as I’ve put a shocking amount of work into Jay-Cast, and any praise is appreciated. I may have done wrong doings in my past, but I want Jay-Cast to be my next step towards making everyone online happy and entertained. I may have a few bad eggs in the process, but I aim for as many people as possible. Simply put, thank you for your existence, haha.

I don’t discriminate against anyone and never will. I care about the support of everyone. But if someone were to attack our staff, manipulate words, and go inactive for weeks without an official reason until asked weeks later, it is simply inexcusable and can’t be easily treated, nor treated quickly. I care for my moderators and admins and think that everyone currently signed up has a position that they try to go through whenever they can. I understand a few days without activity, and a few weeks if given a reason. If you guys don’t know this, in our Discord Server, we have a role called “Excused Staff” for staff members who know they won’t be available for a few weeks, if not more. That way, we don’t consider them for kicking as they have a reason for their long-term absence.

These people are demoted from our Steam Group until they are ready to return, unless they say otherwise. Before yesterday, we only had one person under it and they wanted that role as they wouldn’t be available for anything for over a month. Before yesterday, I considered the adding people to “Excused Staff” would be at the want of the person that is planning to be added in there. People manually added to it have their reasons, and it is never about discrimination.

Like I said, I support everyone with no matter what they have, whether it’s a disability, they’re still learning English, or if they have problems that are outside of our control. This community is very open and I aim for that to stay as the case for as long as I can hope for. If people are to leave the staff team, it is for either extreme inactivity, direct attacking, blackmailing, or long-term toxicity.

At the same time, it is understandable when the foot has to be put down. If we get raided and continuous rules are being broken, people should expect to be kicked and/or banned from Jay-Cast. We don’t want to censor people. We give people multiple places to be who they want to be across our website, Steam Group, and Discord Server, as well as other social pages, channels, and servers. While using “Freedom of Speech” in an international community is pretty dumb, we want people to express who they want to be without limits, but also in their own areas that we’ve already made. This is one of the reasons why you can make a group in our website, so you have your own controlled area to gain a fan base while having your own area to talk wherever you are, including your computer and phone.

Having a toxic, dangerous, and inactive attitude/behavior is not wanted here, unless in our #nsfw channel over at our Discord Server. As a general member, this can be handled easily. As a staff member, this no longer represents who we are, a friendly, kind, and active staff team full of people willing to help each other out. We can’t control what happens outside of Jay-Cast, but being a respectable, caring, and honest person is one of our highest priorities as a part of our community.

We will continue to make people in the future part of our staff members if their application is good and accepted. We will continue to make people admins if we see them is extremely useful, beneficial, and a great representative of Jay-Cast. We will continue to demote people we see that are damaging and/or being extremely inactive with our community without an official reason. In that latter case, we would only consider removing them if they want to or the staff agrees on it, unless it’s an administrator.

I’d like to finish this off with a general thank you from me. Thank you for supporting us still. Thank you for joining our giveaways. Thank you for bringing activity into our new-ish society, our community, our network of gamers. It is massively appreciated and always will be for as long as I’m here, providing great content and activity for everyone who cares, or might not just yet. The future continues to look bright for everyone, and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as I humanly can. People have lives, and none of us are an exception to that. Being too devoted is bad, and not having enough devotion is bad. A perfect balance is difficult to manage, but having one that is close to perfect (or just simply great) as all that’s needed to make the internet, and the gaming industry, a better place. Thank you.


This Week’s Points Code: 4KREACHED22 (Expires Friday, 25 Points, First 50 Can Use It)

As of Saturday, September 30, 2017:


One last time: I’d like to thank you from the bottom, top, and everywhere in my heart for continuing to support us through and through. I’ve always appreciated it and never won’t. The staff members are free to be themselves unless they affect who we are, our staff, and our community in bad ways multiple times and/or consistently. I’ve put too much hard work into this to just simply give up on everything. I simply won’t. Not for a very, very, very long time. Happy October, and I’ll catch you back here in the next article. Until then, thanks for reading! 🙂

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