Jstar’s Chronicles #41 – Another Extended Look

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Jstar’s Chronicles #41 – Another Extended Look

In this issue, I’ll be doing another extended look at the past week in gaming.


DOOM 2016’s Nintendo Switch Release Date – November 10th, 2017

It’s still hard to believe that a game on this scale is coming to mobile hardware. I haven’t played DOOM 2016 yet, but this seems like a great 2nd version of DOOM to own! Here’s an interview between the guys that created it for the Switch below:

Developers indicate that Nintendo is very open to having mature / risqué games on Switch

While not a super-informative article, it gets the point across that Nintendo is starting to really go out there more with M-Rated games. DOOM 2016 and Wolfenstein II are great examples of Nintendo showcasing them as being more open to bigger and gore-ier titles. I’m pretty excited for the Switch’s future as a result.

Cross-Play (Nintendo Switch | PC | Xbox One) announced for Crazy Justice

Yet another 3rd-party game that’s been announced for true cross-platform play. These are the kinds of titles that I truly want to see thrive, so it’s great to see another developer jump into this! Kind of figured that Sony decided against cross-play, yet again.

[Hitman] New Content Being Announced on October 24

Exciting times for owners of the recent episodic ‘Hitman’ game! New content is on the way, although how exactly it’ll be implemented is still unannounced. Even though I don’t own the game, I do recognize it as a former title used for benchmarking high-end machines as it was CPU-intensive, so I’ll be interested if the new content also comes optimized for newer machines.

Gamasutra – Humble Bundle has been acquired by media giant IGN

Humble Bundle is Joining Forces with IGN! – Official Statement from HB’s Co-founder

Truly massive to happen. I don’t really have much of an opinion of this as I’m personally not sure how this will end, but I hope that Humble Bundle just continues to do what they do best: Make cheap indie bundles that partly go to charity, with an occasional AAA bundle to mix things up a little.

Cuphead Goes Platinum | Studio MDHR

One of the best games I’ve played all year, ‘Cuphead’ reached 1,000,000 digital units sold! An absolutely massive accomplishment for a digital indie game, and as something that’s taken years to develop (and even required re-mortgaged their homes), it’s truly a sight to behold when a fantastic game gets it’s deserved recognition.

Activision ‘Destiny 2’ physical game sales fell more than 50% vs. original in first month: Analysts

A rather unfortunate statistic, even if expected. We’ll see if this is connected to the PC version is still coming soon.

Tekken has dropped tutorials because players don’t use them

Kind of funny for this to happen, but at the same time, there are simply too many things to know for beginners and professionals to know in a simple tutorial, and people not using them was expected, especially if the tutorial doesn’t go over neutral attacks.


I was able to stream a decent amount over the past few days, to combat my inactivity in terms of releasing typed content. Featuring a few hours of commentated failing, featuring donated game ‘Cuphead’ given by Skalinger! I’ve played it for over two hours and have absolutely loved the difficulty, the details, and the music. It’s a great homage to the animation from the 1930’s and I simply love it.

I apologize that I haven’t been able to work on issues recently; school and personal life has gotten in my way, albeit I’ve been able to stream a few times recently to combat that. A full standard issue of Jstar’s Chronicles and The Jay Post will be released on time this week, for sure. Until then, thanks for reading!

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