Jstar’s Chronicles #42 – Diving Into Some Games

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Jstar’s Chronicles #42 – Diving Into Some Games

In this issue, I’ll be taking yet another extended look into the past week of gaming.


Yes indeed, due to lack of things to go into detail about, and a lot of stuff to talk about for the next issue, I’m going to start-up yet another issue that’s dedicated to what happened in the past week in the gaming industry.

Bethesda has started giving out review copies a few days early instead of almost the day-of, which many can agree is better for the consumer as we’ll now have more time to decide whether a game should be picked up or not.

Interesting as it does seem like a lot of games now have multiplayer added into them, so seeing a game that’s only single-player is weird but completely understandable in this case, to the point where it’s a good thing it wasn’t put in.

It was expected that a big announcement for HITMAN was coming soon, and here it was.

“This awesome package includes The Complete First Season, the brand new ‘Patient Zero’ campaign, new Escalation Contracts, new weapons, new suits, new challenges, improvements to existing features and new lighting enhancements to all locations that make the game look better then ever – plus we have a few more surprises!”

A very well-rated console fighting game is coming to PC soon, with an Open Beta available tomorrow. Very exciting considering this game’s high-quality nature and associated reviews. Even though the original article linked above may have suggested that the open beta will release on October 25 (tomorrow from this issue’s release), the tweet below suggests otherwise.

Team Rocket seems to be returning with the final main-line Pokémon 3DS title. Considering the in-game history with them, this is interesting to take on, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this game.

An entire collection of Kingdom Hearts games would be sweet for PS4, as this would be instead of getting every game separately. It’d be a great way for people to get introduced into the world of Kingdom Hearts to gear up for the upcoming 3rd main-line installment, planned to be releasing next year (2018).

Another one bites the dust. An unfortunate competitor with Overwatch that became plagued with issues that surrounded its launch, which was very close to Overwatch’s. Even though many of the original issues got fixed, most of the audience moved towards one game. Not even becoming free-to-play helped enough, and so the crowded industry of MOBAs will become a little less crowded this fall, when the final update releases and development stops.

With GameCube controllers now seemingly able to work natively with the Nintendo Switch, it’s interesting that this is the case and that it was implemented and released without any attached announcement. Keep in mind that other wired controllers (like the tested Xbox 360 controller) still won’t work, even though the Switch says it’s a standard USB controller. Some may hope that this could be connected to the eventual release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, but seeing as it’s compatible with all Switch games that already worked with the Pro Controller, that might not be the case. This is truly something that a wait-and-see approach is needed, as keeping in mind that some buttons are not on the GameCube controller, which may have been why Nintendo didn’t announce it, even though implementing support still had to be done manually.

Remember that “Shin Megami Tensei” trailer shown off back in January? Well, we finally got confirmation that it will be the next SMT main-line title in the franchise. With it being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Nintendo just secured another massive game that’s only coming to them.

An overall great indie game that has made the rounds before has been announced for Nintendo Switch, with a very close release date attached (close for how it was just announced).

Main features in version 5.01 update

This system software update improves system performance.

Original Xbox Games Now Appearing In Store

You can now play Original Xbox games on your Xbox One and One S, as well the One X when that releases on November 7th. It’s only a select few at first, but it will grow in the future.

I honestly haven’t looked into this game much, but it’s always sad when a game loses main support. It’ll continue to get support with whatever released, but it’s pretty much saying to not expect any more new content. Shame for such a large franchise, but considering that it ran off of physical figurines, it isn’t entirely surprising that it would stop making new ones eventually.

Exciting that we’re starting to get some information on what specific Xbox 360 games will be the first to be enhanced for the upcoming Xbox One X. These titles are kind of understandable as they’re on the older side of the Xbox 360, yet are still enjoyed by many.


I sincerely apologize. I know I said that they would be released on time, and it looked like they would, but I simply didn’t have time for them. I ran into a terrible situation that resulted in me barely having any time to stream. I always aim to stream on a Saturday evening/night, and I ended up doing so, but I also wanted to stream that Friday night.

By the way, here’s the stream I did Saturday night to anyone interested, available on Twitch. It will be released to our YouTube channel tomorrow night.


As you can see, I ended up going from happy and ready to start to playing the same stage for almost two whole hours. It became a nightmare, but the satisfaction I got from finishing it changed me, and I went to sleep that Saturday night successful. Keep in mind that I plan to do a “My Take” on Cuphead for the next issue, as I feel like I have a good enough understanding of the game now that I’ve played almost two thirds of it.

I’d like to thank you all for reading this 1,000+ word article! I apologize again for having to delay this article yet again, but rest assured that I will 100% release both the next article of this as well as The Jay Post on their respective days and/or sometime this weekend, whichever happens. Until then, I’d like to thank you for reading this and I’ll check back with you guys in the next issue! 🙂

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