The Jay Post #23 – More Content For You

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The Jay Post #23 – More Content For You

Our long-awaited 23rd issue of The Jay Post goes back to its roots with what everyone wants.


Jay-Cast continues to grow across all the internet, whether it’s on Steam, here, our YouTube, and our other social media pages and networks. With our excellent giveaways, weekly live streams, active communities, and increasing events happening more often, we continue to gain our reputation by being fun, active, and overall a great community to be in. I’m glad to know that as we pass 4,200 Steam Group members, as we near 1,200 YouTube subscribers, and as we near 400 Twitch followers, we continue to grow who we are, and for that, I’m glad to know we are who we are. I continue to thank everyone that reads these and everyone that participates actively in our community, for it showcases who we are. So… yeah. Thanks, as always.


Another good offering of videos have been sent out over the past few weeks, but I’ve put in the highlights of what’s been recently released. There’s hours of Cuphead and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to go around, waiting for you to explore into. With commentary to boot, featuring me (Jstar269) and EvilRiverRat, you’ll enjoy it no matter the match and no matter the stage. That’s what we focus on, and will continue to focus on (although other people may think otherwise).


This Week’s Points Code: JUSTHANKS23 (Expires Friday, 25 Points, First 50 Can Use It)

As of Saturday, October 28, 2017:

Next Goal: Hitting 5,000 Steam Group Members – ‘The Evil Within 2’ Group-Only Giveaway!


You’re going to be getting a lot of Jstar from the three issues linked above, if you haven’t kept up weekly since the last edition of The Jay Post. I plan to return to a normal schedule of releasing Jstar’s Chronicles on Fridays and The Jay Post on Saturdays. We may get another weekly article coming soon… Stay tuned for more information on that.

Again, for the last time this week, I’d like to thank you for reading these weekly. It’s truly effort put in for these when it comes to correct formatting, spelling, and just being politically correct, even if politics aren’t really a topic here. It’s all up to the user who decides what happens around here, really. Their activity and your activity are what keeps this place up all the time, and for that, I applaud to you. Until my next article, thanks for reading!

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