Jstar’s Chronicles #44 – An Interesting Week in Gaming

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Jstar’s Chronicles #44 – An Interesting Week in Gaming

Yet another extended look at the past week in gaming for our 44th issue of my chronicles, as well as some recent gameplay videos I did of Super Mario Odyssey!


Featuring all of between Seasons 1 to 3 as well as 400 Days and graphical enhancements, it may overall be a good idea for people interested in the The Walking Dead before it finishes in Season 4.

Another new character is coming to Overwatch! An evil healer is surely going to change the playing field for many team combinations.

That’s not all, a new map is also coming to Overwatch called “Blizzard World” where Blizzard games get their spot to be promoted in one map. Kind of a weird idea but nonetheless interesting and I’ll definitely be looking forward to it.

Not exactly surprising considering the Always-Online feel this game gives off.

A game as big as L.A. Noire makes this not entirely surprising, but it’s still a shame that we’re getting games too large for the Switch to hold without a MicroSD Card in its first year. The physical edition needing a 14GB download is even crazier, as the point of getting a physical copy is to have more space for more games (and easier to sell off as well as collect) at the cost of convenience. 14GB is somewhat equal to recent games from Nintendo themselves.

With a lot of recent blockbuster games featuring loot boxes, it’s good that some bigger games won’t be having them. Like removing the headphone jack, this shouldn’t be a GOOD thing that there won’t be loot boxes, rather it should be standard not to have them in paid big-budget games to begin with, unless they’re something like cosmetics.

Holy moly! You know the Switch and Nintendo are doing excellent when their latest Super Mario game is the fastest selling one yet, in the United States. It definitely deserves it from how the game itself feels and plays so smoothly and has such good controls, gameplay, music, and is overall well worth it from the hours I’ve put into it so far.

With the Xbox One X producing 4K, some may have been worried that 1440p Monitors would still see it at 1080p. It’s a good thing that this wouldn’t be the case.

Subscription services ‘EA Access’ on Xbox One and ‘Origin Access’ on PC may soon find other platforms to hop onto. I’m calling it now that it’s probably PS4 as I can’t think of other platforms they haven’t taken it to that they can, and it won’t be going to the Switch when it has one game and unconfirmed support because of it.

Ouch, a decent mobile running game by Nintendo still hasn’t made money after several months…

…Here’s some good news, at least. Over half a million sales in Japan, making this also an extremely well-selling game over there as well. Nintendo is simply on a roll when it comes to Switch-related stuff.

A highly anticipated game from its launch and success of PC, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is still on the way to Xbox One with an official release date of a little over a month from now. It still won’t be finished, hence them also announcing the launch of Xbox’s “Xbox Game Preview” program releasing the same day, and the PC version updating to 1.0 in late December, clutching it for a 2017 release.

A truly incredible number for PS4 to hit! It’s starting to near the PS3’s shipment of around 80 and it looks like the PS4’s list of exclusives will continue to grow come next year.


About a week ago, I was able to buy my copy of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, and boy is it fun! It’s fun, thrilling, full of content and replay-value, and a ton of exploring to do. Someone’s got to play through it all, right? Well, good thing I’m here! 😀

I’ve already played a few hours of this game, and I’ve made a playlist for people to stay up to date with my adventures in whatever kingdom comes next. Featuring 60 FPS action and full commentary, you can expect a really good time!

Keep in mind that my 3rd gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey has a giveaway attached to it, and you can check that video out here. I’m truly loving this game so far and will definitely be going through the thing either on-stream or recorded! Cuphead/Splatoon 2/Overwatch will still be played every now and then, but I’ll be going hard on this game for the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!

Hope you guys enjoyed yet another article diving into the good and bad of the past week in gaming. I’m starting to get used to this fast format of news and my opinion being attached to some of them, so I may continue with this, even after I return to having traditional editions of Jstar’s Chronicles. Until then, thanks for reading my 900+ word article!

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