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The Jay Post #24 – Some Recorded Adventures

Gamers Worldwide.

The Jay Post #24 – Some Recorded Adventures

While not a long issue this time around, it is something to explain for our weekly issue, as well as highlight our recently recorded adventures.

AS WE NEAR 4,500

Our member counts are not a priority, rather just one of our focuses. They shouldn’t be used as a main point to showcase our group, rather just one of the statistics to give if people are interested about it. There are ways to boost your member count unofficially and probably against Steam’s Terms of Service. It’s easy to join a Steam Group, doesn’t represent activity alone, and can easily be manipulated. What may matter more are the statistics beyond Steam. Looking at our other pages…

414 followers on our Twitch Channel.

3,359 followers on our Twitter Page.

79 likes on our Facebook Page.

1,196 subscribers on our YouTube Channel.

233 registered users on our website.

315 Humans (Excludes Bots) in our Discord Server.

And finally, 4,466 members in our Steam Group.

I never once used bots to unofficially spike or increase these numbers. These were from partnerships, active and quality content, and promoting our goal of connecting gamers with game developers and content creators across the world.

We may have had our bad times, but we’ve always came back, stronger than ever. It may be from our awesome donations from Skalinger, who I can’t thank enough, or it could be simply from the people who tune into our live streams, watch our videos, read our articles, or simply take part in our chat rooms, whether on Steam, here, or our Discord/Twitch/Blizzard Server. It’s all about growing, being prosperous, becoming more helpful and being more supportive. Getting larger means for connections, more partnerships, and more happy people. Jay-Cast’s grow is to make everyone more connected with each other to improve each other, and while it’s a long way off from now, we continue to push towards it every month, every week, every day. And it’s all thanks to you. Here’s your weekly “Thank You”, fellow Jay-Caster. Please enjoy it. 🙂


If you’ve got a suggestion for what to put for our weekly YouTube video headline, please don’t hesitate to let me know of it!

We’ve got a total of four videos released over the past week for you guys to check out. Featuring wrestling to jumping up super high in Super Mario Odyssey, it’s sure to be a treat to last for hours. In terms of my gameplay (Super Mario Odyssey), expect hours of fluid action in high-quality 60 FPS in HD topped up with commentary and a giveaway for people who may be interested.



As of Sunday, November 5th, 2017:

Next Goal: Hitting 5,000 Steam Group Members – ‘The Evil Within 2’ Group-Only Giveaway!

CODE OF THE WEEK: NEARING45K24 (25 Points, First 25 People Can Use It, Expires Saturday)

While I was pretty spot-on with this being a shorter-than-you-would-expect article for the week, it is our 24th issue. Usually speaking, it’s the milestone articles we put much more effort into than we usually would. So… pretty much expect greatness next week for our milestone 25th article of The Jay Post. Until then, thanks for reading this 500+ word article!


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