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Jstar’s Chronicles #47 – My New Subdomain

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Jstar’s Chronicles #47 – My New Subdomain

To get a little closer to you guys, I’d like to unveil what I’ve been working on.


While I write these weekly posts, I’ve realized that Jay-Cast is a community effort, created and worked on by a group of people. It made me realize that I should branch out efforts that I normally wouldn’t post about here. That I should have my own website to showcase my efforts beyond Jay-Cast.

Over at my brand new blog, I’ll be posting things that don’t entirely relate to gaming, like my upcoming post about Bitcoin’s Future and my opinion on it. I’d appreciate it if you guys checked it out!

This doesn’t mean that I’m moving away from Jay-Cast at all. I’ll simply be providing more content at a more relaxed pace, as well as have a website that I can directly give more effort in as a result. I’ll be posting slightly more personal status updates and reminders on new videos that I’ve created. If you guys have any suggestions about the new website, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


A little spoiler alert for people still going through this game! As I finished the game, you enter in the Mushroom Kingdom for a whole bunch of interesting post-game stuff! If you’ve played through Super Mario Odyssey already, I highly suggest checking out my take on the game, but if not… You’ve been warned. 😉


I hope you guys understand why this was a shorter-than-usual issue this week. I’ve been very busy with life and I hope to share something that I’ve been working on by the time Christmas rolls around! Until then, thanks for reading and watching!


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