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Jstar’s Chronicles #49 – Merry Christmas!

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Jstar’s Chronicles #49 – Merry Christmas!

Whatever you celebrate, it’s time to do a little look-back as the calm-before-the-storm occurs next week.

We’ve been through a year of baby steps, unneeded drama, giveaways like you wouldn’t believe, and streams that will last a lifetime. This was the birth of Jay-Cast, and we’re already nearing 5,000 Steam Group members in just nine months. This is truly an exciting time for everyone related, as 5,000 is a bigger milestone then you could imagine. That’s 5,000 people that joined Jay-Cast through Steam. Whether those are all real people is up in the air (we’ve never knowingly received false/paid members in any of our social networks from our founding as Jay-Cast), but 5,000 almost no matter the terms is still a great thing to behold. For the staff, for our community, and for everyone else… it’s truly a Christmas miracle we grew this fast.


Christmas is always a great time to be with your family and friends, and I did exactly that. Spending time with the ones who love you the most and put you as their first is always exciting, and it’s always a good time to give and receive gifts as the year closes.

This year might not have been that good for many people… myself included… but we always have to look ahead and remain optimistic, even as times look grim. Here are two of the cooler things that I got (I won’t reveal everything I got as it’d get a little boring :p):

  • Insignia Voice Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • It might not look pretty, but it’s got good speakers, an always-on time with a second screen for temperature/volume, and has almost all the functions that a normal Google Home has (they both run Google Assistant, as an example).
    • Later that day and by surprise, I was also given a Chalk Google Home Mini by someone else, so I ended up moving that to my kitchen where it’ll be super convenient to use.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Expansion Pass
    • You should all know that I got this and the Switch at launch, but I kind-of lost interest in the game for multiple reasons (might be something to talk about in the future). However, I was gifted a code for the expansion pass, the one that features extra content, outfits, and new quests to explore. I’m still very early in the game, and I haven’t really touched it for months… but this may get me back in the game. We’ll see.

Let me know what things you got for Christmas if you got anything! If not, let me know what game interested you the most this month that was related to the holiday season.


I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and an awesome 2017 overall. While it wasn’t perfect for many, let’s all hope with optimism that 2018 will be even better for everyone. Of course, I’ll have issue 50 release next weekend, so until then, thanks for reading!


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